Screamin deal on a BIG cooker in Houston 9-22-08

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  1. check this out - looks like a great deal for someone.



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    Date: 2008-09-22, 10:52AM CDT

    BBQ SMOKER GRIL TRAILER Custom made by master fabricator. Pure Quality. Attention given to the smallest details. Can be used to smoke , grill, or barbeque and heat . Inside surface is 6x2 feet. High pressure cast iron burners to light wood/coal or grill Every door is recessed with best quality hinges and latches. Firebox and warming oven are both double walled . Heat can be blown from one to the other with out smoke. Removable plate in fire box for water pan or perfect for Pizza. Stacks have control inside and on top for precise air/smoke flow. Four new stainless steel thermometers. 7 total for exact temperature monitoring. Warming oven with trays. Deep Fryer, Been Pot or Crab Boil with cast iron burners. 30 pound propane tanks included. Tires 205/70/15, 12 volt Blower motor. Jack stands New axels ,brakes, drums, wiring ,replaced 2 months ago with less than 2o miles paid $1,240. Total weight approximately 3500 pounds Pulls evenly without sway or drag very smooth Lots of storage. Back storage can be turned into warming oven, has quick connect inside Lengthis110†Tongue 34†Width is 80†Warming oven 19x23 inside18x18 double wall Top of stack is 7 feet To top of smoker 45†Fire box 22x28 inside 20x24 double walled This is the best quality workmanship I have seen in a smoker. You will be able to pass this on to your grandchildren.

    *** URGENT SALE ***
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    that is a great deal, but a lot to keep up with it looks like
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