Scrapple, Liverwurst, or Liver Sausage?

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  1. Home Made Liver Sausage

    My dad always made this each year. It could be called Scrapple, Liverwurst, or Liver Sausage. It is a very old German recipe from his ancestors.
    It was served on a bed of corn mush or with fried potatoes and eggs. You will have to estimate the amount of ingredients for smaller batches.
    I’m sure it would be great put in casings and smoked.
    4--------Pig heads with skin (scalded & scraped) (have the heads split)
    6--------Pork hocks
    4--------Pork livers
    8--------Pork tongue
    10 lbs.--Rind without fat
    8 -------Pig hearts
    2--------Beef hearts
    4 lbs.---cheap lean beef
    10 lbs.--soup or juice
    4 tsp.---allspice
    3 tsp.---marjoram
    3 tsp.---pepper
    1/3 lb.--salt
    This recipe makes 63 lbs. Of liver sausage, use 12 cups of juice.
    I would make a quarter of this amount. Yield about 16 lbs.
    Cook heads together. Cook pig & beef hearts in separate pot.
    Cook the liver separately. Do not mix liver juice with other juices.
    As cooking comes to a boil, skim off the scum. Kettle should only contain so much to allow stirring of meat. Water should be 1 inch from top and cover meat entirely.
    Cook pig heads until meat falls off the bones. Then other meat should be done.
    Boil tongue separately, then pull off skin.
    Remove pieces on top because pieces on bottom will be done.
    Rotate the meat. Jaw pork makes good jaw bacon if you want this for this purpose.
    After cooking, take meat off bones. Cut away large portion of fat and discard.
    Save the juices. Start grinding meat using course holes and alternate as grinding with heart, fatty pieces, tongue, beef, liver and so on.
    As each pan is ground in course holes, meat should be cooled rapidly to prevent spoilage.
    After all meat is cooled, regrind in small holes.
    Use large 10-gallon crock for mixing. Add spices and juice. Mix thoroughly. If liverwurst doesn’t have enough taste of liver, add liver juice, otherwise just use the regular juice.
    After mixed, fry a little in pan, this brings out the true flavor. Then add more spices if needed. Divide into roasting pans. Bake at 350 degrees until hot. Stir occasionally. The cooking time will take approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours. Skim off some of the fat, but not much. Stir so to cook out the water. After baking, cool rapidly, setting pan in ice water.
    After cooling it can be put in containers a frozen.
    My family always made this a family affair. A lot of laughs. Enjoy and let me know if you try it,
    Jim [​IMG]
    If you don't like liver, omit it. Scrapple is scraps left over after the farmers butchered their livestock!
  2. It’s always a laugh when you cook up a few tongues and enjoy with a beer while waiting for the rest to get done. The wives might scream if you try to feed them some.
    This makes a great breakfast fried up.
    I think if might make a great filler for a Fattie.
    Now I have to find someone to shoot a hog for me, lol.
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    I LOVE tongue But I cant stomach the liver!!
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    Man does this thread bring back memories, my parents and my grandparents would get together for an annual hog butchering, and always remember the liverwurse, I cringed at the stuff that was put in there(I was very young at the time), but was it ever good , havn't had any in years,,,,,,,,,

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