Sausage making is fun

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I also enjoy making sausage. Go to my web site and click on Sausage for my set up and brief "how to do".
Damn boy, is there anything u dont do???
BTW, u trying to break the 1 day record for most thread's
keep up with the pics and stories
Glad the big ego's kept you from posting on the other forum. Like bbq bubba said is the anything you don't do. Keep up the good work, love the pics. Some fine looking grub there.
those look good...

i havent as of yet made sausage by myself, only time i did was with my grandfather when i was a kid

i am not allowed to start anymore new hobbies.... new smoker coming, starting some homebrew, and i grow veggies indoors... my little apartment cant take

and the missus would kill
but Teacup it doesn't have to take much more space. You could just make patties and use meat ground up at the store ...

bump .... bump
All that is deer salami mixed 50-50 with pork, then smoked in my GOSM's.

should i say i do alot of jurky too, you said there was a record to be broke?

Ive been doing this stuff forever, making jurky since i was in my teens, salami and summer sausage when i was around 20, smoked meat in a 4 by 4 foot small smoke house when i lived in the country in my late 20's
now im 40 and living in town, Id like to build another small smoke house some time.

theres a few things i can think of that i cant do
you really dont need alot of equipment, buy the meat already ground up, add your spices, i get mine from verry good prices there, but mix up the meat and hand stuff it into the casing then smoke it or bake it and thats it. (youll need a pair of hog ring pliers and hog rings to close up the ends of the casings)
I think maybe Bubba? jokingly said you were trying to break the record for the most posts in one day. Not sure there is one though. LOL

Yeah, there's a few things i don't do to if I can help it
1) I don't sew!
2) I don't change kitty litter boxes!
3) I don't use oven cleaners (they have amonia and can't breathe)!
for the ego thing i only toot my own horn when im eating beans
Deer hunting and making sausage pretty well make up my fall/winter activities. I love making sausage and people love the end result.

Teacup13, when you make sausage, you compress that ground meat into a smaller, tighter, more compact form that actually takes up less space. I don't know if this would a good arguing point for you or not.
I finally have my instacure #1, #2, some casings, some recipes. A borrowed hand grinder (it's a big four footed one mounted on a big plywood board with a big plastic bin for catching the meat.) A "stuffer" attachment for the grinder. I think I'll be trying my small electric smoker the first batch. I just have to figure out what I'm going to do and when.
I suppose this question is dependent on the sausage makers idea of mushy. At first i made my sausage just kind of like a meat loaf. Later on i realized it does need to be mushy or pastelike to get the proper consistency in the end product. That "mushiness" is what binds the sausage together otherwise youll get a mealy consistentcy when you cook it. That being said if it looks like a cup of soaked bread crumbs then there was probably too much liquid in it. Like i said it all depends on your idea of what mushy really is. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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