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Mar 23, 2006
New Matamoras, Ohio
I need some advice. I want to start to make my own sausage, and was wondering where to get the best Sausage maker for the best price.

Of coarse this sausage would be smoked in my Smoker, also any other advice for this adventure would be greatly appreicated.

Hello Jake! Are you planning to make cured and semi cured sausage such as pepperoni,salami,smokies...etc?What type of stuffer are you looking for, electric or hand crank?Or are you looking for a grinder that you can stuff sausage with?I prefer having a grinder to just grind and a 10 lb hand crank stuffer,things seem to go smoother stuffing this way(for me anyway)Do you eat wild game?If so I have a few recipes to share with you.Best wishes!

I want 1 just as you described. I eat alot of venison and looking for that kind of machine.

Hand crank to me is just fine. I would also like 1 that made breakfeast links also. If I got to learn with machines that cool. I enjoy this stuff.

Thanks Georgie
smoking jake

you can buy a lot of supplies such as grinders and stuffers at great prices at there are also several places such as the sausagemaker to buy pre mixed seasoning for salami and summer sausage as well as snack stix check out all the sites on the net hope this helps
smoking jake

what kind of what i have a thunderbird 1 hp grinder and a weston 11 pound stuffer and a homemade smoker electric that i made out of plywood i buy a lot of my seasonings from the sausagemaker and other sights on the net a lot of them come in packets for 12 - 25 pounds of meat premixed seasoning and they include cure all you need to do is mix with meat stuff and smoke let me know if i can help you out with anything else
If you don't see the stuffer or grinder you want at, you can call the number listed on the website. Weston Supply has many things that may not be listed on the website.
yo dude,
i find every thing at

allied can put you in a manuel
#10 porkert brand grinder.
this unit has stuffing attachments.
about 50 bucks
this is good for small batches .
i only do 10 lb at a time and it works great.

sausage m has a electric with 3/4 horse moter
for 119 bucks.

both of them has every thing you need .

check weston also as he is a fellow forum member
Like Larry I have found everything I need on Allied's site or at the Sausage maker.

I did get the electric grinder from Northern Tool for $99 and works great.

The stuffer I had to learn a hard lesson. I bought one that attached to the Kitchen Aid, then bought a "horn" type, then.......finally got one from the Sausage Maker and I could not be any happier.

If you get a stuffer get a good one other wise you will be wishing you had. The meat has a habit of trying to get away and work itself around the plunger and then the thrill of making a great product just gets frustrating
yo cheech dude,
what kind of stuffer did you end up with???

the electric grinder at sausage maker with
3/4 horse moter has been reduced to 99 bucks..

they have a free shipping with one hundred dollar order deal going on right now.../great buy,,,
Larry I ended up with the Sausage MAker 5 lb stuffer, but like my smoker I should have gone with the larger size. I feel like all I do is fill that thing up with meat. I would like to move to the 15/20 pound unit. This one works quite well and now the new units have a pressure relief valve on the top of the plunger to release air from the canister and looks like that would be a great improvement.
I have a Grizzly 5 lb stuffer and it is smallish but compared to using Mama's old stuffer/grinder that only holds a meatball at a time it's a dream machine!

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