sausage and electric smokers

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Dec 28, 2006
Warner Robins, GA

I'm new to the forum, but not new to smoking, I use a Masterbuilt 7-in-1 charcoal/propane smoker with pretty good results. I've done chicken, ribs, pork loin, boudin, and venison jerky on it. My father-in-law just gave me his sausage recipe, so now I need a bigger smoker with good temp control. I was thinking about getting the Masterbuilt electric smoker. I've read some pretty good reviews on it.
Have any of you made sausage on this particular smoker?
Will it hold a relatively steady temp of 170 degrees for sausage making?

I'm not opposed to buying another propane smoker, so if you have any suggestions, I'll take 'em.

I've been reading previous posts, but I haven't found anybody utilizing this smoker at this temp.

Maybe bigger wasn't the word I was looking for. I need something more conducive for hanging sausage. My current vertical smoker doesn't allow me to do this without modifying it. If I did modify it, I still wouldn't have the space I wanted because of its shape.
yo leo,

when wanting to hang sausage --- im in the same boat..

if i want a long sausage--- [2 lbs] it may hang to close to heating element..
i have not done this yet......

im also worried about keeping chips smoldering at 145 f-170 f....
as i will want to maintain that temp for 5 hrs if not longer..
before i increase to 200 f to finish the job.

lack of money --then storage space at apartment--and not REALLY needing
the longer than 8 inch [1 lb] sausage-- has me moving slowly...

since its just for family---
i could add another rack---[between factory stock 2]
and not worry if there is any grill marks....
that should fit 1 long sausage and 2 -1 lb sausages on ea. rack..

thats 12 lb total ---this is probably what will happen.
Hi Leo and Larry:
I share the worry of keeping the chips smoldering at that temp. Have never tried it on my Masterbuilt.
I think to be successful you would need to keep the top vent (new model) wide open and slide the wood loading tray out about 1/4"....waste enough heat to keep the heater on enough to smolder chips and maintain the low temp....just a theory!
When I have a large batch rather than hanging them I will lay them on the racks instead. While not ideal it does work. Depending on how much meat you are going to do I would think that it would work quite well doing it this way is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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