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    the recipe below is, believe it or not, what this NC boy uses on a 100 lb pig when i have a pig pickin. being from eastern NC and not using the traditional vinegar and pepper sauce, this gets me some strange looks. the same people who turn up their nose as eastern NC bbq purist are the very ones that ask for the recipe. cut it down by a quarter and try on pulled pork, it is fit to eat. if you are going to freeze any of the pork take the lemons out as the rinds will make the mixture bitter after a day or so.

    as you can tell from the qview there are few complaints

    Pig Juice (100 LB )
    2cups vinegar
    4cups water
    1cup sugar
    8f tablespoons french's mustard
    4teaspoons black pepper
    12teaspoons salt
    8lemons sliced
    8onions sliced
    2cups butter
    combine ingredients and simmer 20 minutes then add
    4cups catsup
    1cup worchestershire sauce
    Bring to boil and remove
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    rednek, thank you for the recipe, it sounds great.
    I will give it a try.[​IMG]
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    had you in mind when i posted it, before the barrel i used a block pit.
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    I appreciate you keeping me in mind for this recipe. It looks great and I plan on using it on my next hog.
    Nice barrel cooker.[​IMG]

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