Saturday's brisket

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
I've gotten my Pitmaster Deluxe back from my son after a 3 year loan
. Had to bribe him with a new Weber Kettle, but at least it's home. Now I have to get used to using it again.

I usually smoke a brisket or a butt for weeknight dinners when we don't have time to cook. This week I did a brisket.

Here is a 15# packer after about 5 hours. Smoking with Royal Oak briquettes and hickory chunks. The mop sauce was Gold Buckle brisket sauce.

Here it is at 170* just before I put it in pan and foiled(I had just added the trip tip for yesterdays dinner.

And after resting and slicing here is a pic of some of the sliced flat. Very juicy and tender.
Great looking brisket cajunsmoker. I just finished up the last of mine today.. now I want more

Keep Smokin

good looking brisket i made one three weekends ago and my sixteen year old just went threw it like a hot knife threw butter he just cant get enough of the stuff i had to make another the next weekend i cant post pics so i did not post it they are good keep up the good work
great looking brisket rodger, iwould send you a pic of mine that i cooked friday, but imm afraid its gonna be all gone by the time i get these pics to download. nice smoke ring wildcat
Fantastic looking brisket Cajun, with a great smoke ring to boot.

Gold Buckle brisket sauce??? Do tell.
Hey Tonto, here is a pic of the sauce. Bad photo, but it is made by Allegro if that helps any.

Thanks Bill, glad to see you, been wondering about you.
Rodger told me about that sauce some time ago...and I am just now finding it here in a super wally world....going to be trying it soon myself...
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