Saturdays Brisket, Ribs, and Chicken

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Feb 27, 2007
Big D
Well, my first time with ribs, used pork loin backs, cuz my dad swears by em. Probably my 10th ot 12th brisket, and God knows I have cooked a chicken or two in my day. It was a lovely day here in my backyard in Dallas, and I rose @ 6:30AM to get the fire started. Used a mix of hickory and pear, which I had never tried before. Brisket went on a little after 7:00AM.

Used Jmasteras rub on both the ribs and the brisket. It was excellent, recommended if you have not tried it. I added more garlic and onion powder, and a little less fennel. I have to put my mark on recipes....

Briket was on for about 9 hours outside, an hour foil wrapped in the oven @ 225*, and then into the cooler wrapped as we all know.

Ribs were 3-2-1, dry rub as mentioned above.

Chicken was rubbed with a Garlic Infused Olive oil, paprika, garlic powder, Cajun Seasoning, onion powder and some sea salt. I cooked that with the side fire box still going, and some Oak lump in the pit to get it up to temp in an hour. Beercan chicken with some smoke, I guess.

Almost forgot, I made the BBQ sauce from smoked and his Blue Ridge Tony Roma's thread. I subbed Jalapeno Ketchup, multiplied by 4, and went to work. I subbed apple cider vinegar for the red wine, and pulled back on the brown sugar. I'll post my variation soon. Thanks Smoked, it was awesome, and nice and hot! Sorry, I can never follow a recipe to the letter.

I took the 1st round of pics after 12:00 when I put on the ribs.

After I pulled it all in, here's what the carving table looked like:




All in all, the brisket really benefited from the light flavor of the pear smoke. I know everyone in Texas loves Mesquite, but man, it is a powerful flavor, and doesn't leave much room for the flavor of the meats.

Brisket = excellent
Ribs = very good, I think I'll try a wetter version next time
Chicken = excellent

Thanks for looking.
Mookie, Awesome!! Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks great. Boy am I hungry
mookie1010, looks absolutely fantastic!!!!! Ditto on how juicey the brisket looks

Don't hear much about pear wood, I have never seen it where I buy my wood chunks...did you get it locally or on line ???... also how did you like the flavor???

Thanks for the compliments, everyone!

There's a tree service up the street where I get most of my wood. The hickory was in chunks, for the quick heat, and the pear was "green" and sticks, which barely fit in my firebox. So the sticks provided a little slow burning heat and a lot of smoke, and the hickory was more heat than anything.

That's the first time my brisket has turned out that moist, and I think it was from the rest in the cooler more than anything. It sat in there for at least an hour if not two, and it was still piping hot when I unwrapped the foil.
looks very nice. yep, letting it rest makes it juicy. i believe that is why mine are always juicy. one question- where are the ABT's and fatties?
I threw on some Earl Campbells links since there was fire and heat, but they looked, well, like all other store bought sausage in the world.

What's an ABT??
ABT's- atomic buffalo turds. stuffed jalapenos. i stuff mine with cheddar cheese. then you wrap them in bacon, and smoke them until done to your liking. here is a link that tells all about them.
Mookie, I'm comin to your house the next time I'm in Dallas. I'll treat to a Stars game and let you do the cookin :)
Great Mother of Pearl, it doesn't get any better! That is some fine looking meat! Nice smoke ring, moist,........................................ . . . .
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