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Discussion in 'Pork' started by flash, Jul 4, 2010.

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    Due to some of my neighbor's relatives throwing a Monkey wrench into our 4th of July celebration, we had to move our Pork Butt Bar-b-que to Monday instead of Saturday. Not so much a problem as I would not have to rush this butt with my fast smoke method and did it the low and slow way. Around an 8 1/2 lber. It went in at 7 AM. Removed the fat cap entirely. Then used a mixture of Bad Byron's Butt Rub (night before) and some MDM rub the morning of the smoke.

     Wood of choice was Oak and Hickory. An occasional spritz of Wiser's Deluxe and Apple Juice. Around 4 1/2 hours and I had the internal temp of 160º.


    This was done in my Charcoal to Propane Conversion GOSM. I lay a peach can down on the burner and throw in some charcoal and my selection of wood. Finally a little after 8 PM (around 12 hours 20 minutes) it was at 204º internal. In it came. Rested in a cooler for a little over an hour.


    Yes, she was steaming!! Pulled out my bear claws.   As I was removing it from the aluminum foil, it just fell apart. [​IMG]


    Needless to say, it did not take much to pull apart.


    Drained off the excess fat and popped all the pulled pork into a baggie. Will reheat it Monday evening for some great Sammies. I've started to like waiting a day or two before we eat it. The Flavors just go WOW after a couple of days. [​IMG]

    Hope you enjoyed the Photos. Everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July.
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  2. sumosmoke

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    Looks like ya got a nice smoke ring on that meat, Flash. Nice smokes, my FL neighbor!
  3. rdknb

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    that does look very good
  4. upsman

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    Flash man that looks awesome bet it was very tastey too. did my very second butt Saturday 9 pounder myself and sorry no Qviews no batteries and agree with you on the next day taste much better!  second one and am learning something new with this one. the first one i did memorial day i didn't use a water pan until maybe half way through the smoke and this second butt used the water pan the whole process and noticed a difference in the pulling of the meat was a little more tough to be honest some parts were like ham but still shreaded good. smoked it for 9hrs and rested for 1 hour and it was still falling apart but am wondering if so much moisture didn't allow the fats to break down into the meat. bone came out clean and smoke penetrated very well. being a fan of alton brown would love a tutorial on the inside of the butt and the process of the breakdown of the fat while smoking it. did use a different wood this time apple mostly and some hickory half way. flash man thanks for the pics[​IMG]
  5. flash

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    9 hours would be a little short on time for a 9 Lber. Normal time would have been around 13 hours. I have "crisis smoked" a 8 1/2 lber in 7 1/2 hours, but was using the water/sand pan, foiled at 160º and cranked my smoker temps up to 290 to 300º.  What temp were you smoking at?

    The water pan is there to prevent heat spikes and high temps, it provides very little moisture. Did you wrap in foil?
  6. upsman

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    see this is the deal. i am still so new at this using a brinkman smoker which has alot of ventilation to start with and i  modified it with a turkey fryer burner which is gas so i can regulate the heat more easily than charcoal and still don't have any of the fancy meat thermometers that moniter the temps of the meat the entire time of the smoke. using the gas burner and watching the thermometer that came with the smoker above the door. i have always made sure the temp stayed right straight up on Ideal whatever temp that is i have no clue anyone that may know what that temp would be let me know please. but it says Ideal so that is what i have kept it at. definetley think this second time i did this 9 pounder with the water pan in the whole time it for sure provided lots of moisture my friend since the water was simmering so water boils at 212 right so maybe i do have it up around 240 and even went out after about 5 hrs and the water pan was low and starting to sizzle from the drippings falling in the water pan and the water getting low and thus maybe why the meat didn't pull as well I don't know man. other things were issues too. the wind was howling  that Saturday and seems to be alot here when i want to smoke some meat and pissin me off sort of hehehehe. had to keep the burner up a little higher than normal to keep the wind from blowing it out. so my thoughts are if i maybe want to really smoke some meat is to get some better stuff huh? or add to the list of things when i want to smoke something is to check the wind forecast hehehehe and oh no i didn't foil it at all during the smoke. i smoked it the entire 9 hrs then wrapped in foil for the hr resting stage but will try that for sure the next time maybe smoke half way through and foil the rest of the way. always can use good advise for sure and thanks in advace to everyone.
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    Just curious - why did you remove the fat cap? Always interested in learning new techniques. 

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