Saturday Brisket Smoke

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Master of the Pit
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Jan 25, 2007
Brisket coated with Worcestershire sauce and mustard and rubbed:

Into the smoker at 8:00am

Bud with the thin blue(really hard to see in the early morning light)

Your a good look'n turd there Bud!

Good luck w/the smoke guys, looks like your off to a great start w/the worchester sauce. I like using w.sauce cause it gives off an awsome smell when its in the smoker.
Hi Vulcan, yeah unfortunatley all I could find was a 8 pound flat with a tiny bit of the point on it... it's real tough to find full packers here unless you order them ahead of time... they tend to carry the packers at Sams in the summer time.
Enjoy the day!

I'm doing another beef chuck roast for more of Dutch's Enchiladas. Gotta see if I can get it to shred a bit easier by taking it up to 195F and resting for an hour and a half or so before shredding.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Pics everyone please.... my poker buddies walk thru the door Sat nights now..see the laptop and then want to see the days food porn.
Looking good Theresa makes me hungry for some brisket now. When i'ts done send some down my way Ive got the cold beer ready to go with it
Wish it could happen, gonna be making for the first time your's and Hoppin Mama's cornbread.
Tonto: A brisket and ribs, corn bread and side dishes. Entertainment for the evening, sounds like a business expense or a donation, that way its tax deductable. lol. Good lookin grub, enjoy. Steve
Too me that's what it's all about... good friends with some laughs.....good food....and shuffleing some cards ...doesn't get much better than that!!!!

As long as we win.
Can't stand it! Bet it is fine.
Heading to the Apple Mkt. for some baby backs to smoke Sunday.
Who's "we"? Do you have a turd in your pocket, or is Bud gonna play too?

Good luck tonight, hope you at least break even. That is always my goal when I play. Usually the more I drink, the more money I come home with. When I'm sober I loose my ___!
Me too!!! Last week I was half in the bag but..... go figure....I won!!!

Scary Huh????
That brisket is looking good, I gotta do one soon !! Bud don`t listen to these fools ur not a turd ??? lol ,,, I got some homebrew to go with that brisket......yummy !!!!

I`m dooing my 1st jerkey tomorrow got it all cut up & seasonig in fridge, also chick`n leg1/4`s & breast with rib cage ,, in brine (refrigerated).....
also a cpl of FATTYS...picked up pork butt/bone in ... freezer for now ....thinking bout doin a pulled pork for easter... got the ham already ...wife & i gotta sit down go over food menu ...we have easter here !!! ok time to shut up...bla bla bla lol !!
Theresa: Was wondering if for the rub on that brisket, do you mix the mustard and worcestershire or do they go on seperate? Any particular order if separate? The combo sounds and looks Yummy..

Thanks Matt
Well things got real busy, but I did manage to get a pic of my plate before I ate......was not real happy with the lack of smoke ring but the taste was good. Decided to do spares instead of the usaual lion backs..... think I'll stick with lion backs, I just seem to like them better.

Brisket, ribs,red beans and rice, scalloped taters,hoppin mama's cornbread!!

and of course the smoking company(look no snow

Nothing fancy oar, I just shake some worcestershire sauce on and rub it in then put some mustard on and do the same, then put my rub on. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.