Salt free?

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Jun 22, 2007
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Are there any salt free commercial rubs available? I know I can make my own but wanted to check in see for simplicity sake.
Probably not......and that's just my opinion.

The best way to eliminate an ingredient is to make your own rub.

There are numerous recipes available here and on-line that are very easy to make with standard ingredients you will find in your cupboards. Just simply omit the salt and maybe add a little extra garlic powder or onion powder to compensate and you should be good to go.

Don't be afraid to give it a try.....
I would say 99.9% of companies that make anything blended,bulk it up with salt.(to make big profits)
Mrs. Dash and a couple others make stuff with no salt.
Probably easier to make your own!
I use sea salt in my rub. Not sure if you are just trying to bypass iodized salt or??

I would happily ship you some if you would like a taste. I am currently trying to get the rub and a few sauces on market.

Take care,

The family likes very little salt. Sure would love to try em' in fact we have a radio program on Saturday afternoon that is 2 hours of grilling talk!
If they good I'll contact them and recommend they call you and interview you. No guarantees but I'll be glad to help you out if I can!
Shoot me an e-mail at the house, it's in my profile. All I ask is don't get me on a spam list.
As others have said just use any rub recipe and leave out the salt. Stores do have a thing called no salt and i have used it but i can not see any difference then just leaving it out. I am sure there are alot of folks here that are suppose to leave off salt on there foods and i would think it would be nice to see a no salt section here. But it is sure good reading to find recipes without salt.

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