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SmokinDane, The Salmon came out great.. the wife loved and said it's better than any store bought <packaged> smoked Salmon. I did a dry cure for the Salmon to get out as much moisture out of the fish before smoking it to make a smoked Lox. I smoked it at 80deg for 4 hours.


Our family favorite is to heavily salt (sea salt) the salmon fillet (skin side down), marinate in Vodka, add dill and lemons to the top of the flesh, place clear plastic wrap on the works, add a flat pan to the top and weight down with bricks for 5 days in the refrigerator. You have to baste off the liquid every day.


This mays a great gravlox! A real delicay!

Give this a try next time.
Hi Dane, That sounds interesting. Do you smoke it as well? Hows much vodka do you use? I assume you slice the lemons and place them on top of the salmon.

Hey Joe -

We use about 1 cup of vodka for a 3 lb fillet. This is the classic way of making gravlox. No, we don't actually smoke the fillet. It is salt cured with the sea salt. However, I am thinking of doing a post-cure smoking to add yet more flavor.

Hey Jon, Sounds interesting, I may try that next time. How long do you keep it in the vodka? I just put a slab of cured pork belly in the smoker .. little breezy today so that will help keep the temp down to where I want it . around 90 to 110 deg or so ..


When making traditional Gravlox, I usually keep the salmon in Vodka for at least the first 24 hours. After that, you have to use a turkey baster and suck out alll of the fluid from the pan, including the Vodka. When the salt starts to cure the salmon, the flesh will release some fluids. Drain off (suck with baster) this liquid 2-3 times per day. This is natural. This will not disappoint!

Thanks Jon, I'll give it a try on the next salmon.. I did see gravlox at the market the other day ... never seen or heard of it until you mensioned it.

Thanks again,

So how did that fillet turn out?

Next time, try marinating the fillet in a bottle of vodka (ICE is my favorite) for 24 hours before smoking. An old family tradition.
I have tasted lox soaked in vodka and it is awesome. I have been looking for a recipe for about a year now. Can you post your recipe or pm me.

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