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May 13, 2006
North East
I'll be smoking this guy soon, It's been cured and is ready to smoke when done it will be smoked lox.

Nice color .. eh?

You've hit my hot button. I have been wanting to smoke salmon for some time but for some reason, I just keep procrastinating. Please share your resusts with us and also, if you would, your recipe. I suspect you will push me over the brink and I too will be doing salmon. Thanks and I look forward to seeing your results.
It's going to be "COLD" smoked at 80 deg for 6 hours.. I'll have picks to show if the outside temp stays cool enough.

Joe here in Texas, we're not getting below 80* at night....We're on day #40 of 100*+ weather during the day.

Hope the smoke went/goes well. :D
Bob we were down to a low of 73 or so.. I smoked it lastnight and chilled it. Haven't tasted it yet but it had a nice smokey smell.

Hey Joe,
Sounds like some fine salmon. Unfortunately, I won't be able to cold smoke for some time. Here in Florida, it's a little warm. But thanks so much for your post. I'm really envious...... but not enough to leave Fla.
Here ya go, You mix 1 cup of kosha salt to 4 cups of sugar. Wash a fresh piece of salmon and pat dry. Get a glass pan large enough to lay the fillet in and spinkle 1/8" deep misture on the bottom lay the fillet in and press down with your hand. Sprinkle the same amount 1/8" over the top of the fillet and press it down with your hand. Lay a piece of plastic wrap over the fillet and either another glass tray to fit onto so it will put pressure on the fillet, you can also use a piece of wood wrapped in plastic wrap of foil. Get a brick or other heavy object and place that on top of the top tray or wood to squeeze the water from the fillet. Place in fridge for 8 to 10 hours. Take the fillet out and washed it off and pat dry again. Clean the baking dish again <get it very clean, this is why I use glass> Place the fillet back in the tray and back in the fridge for a few hours. Utill it looks like it has a dry glossy skin on it <as seen above> At this point you have unsmoked Lox at this point.. Get your smoker heated to no more than 80deg. and cold smoke it until you reach the desired smoke. I did the one above for 6 hours. I used soaked hickory chunks, but split them down to splinters and fed them slowly, watchout for flames they will bring the temp up quickly, use a spay bottle to put out the flames and place the fillet the far away from the heat as possible. Next time I'm going to have an extra firebox off to the side not attatched to the smoker and have the chips in there and run a flexi vent to my smoker into that fire box. That way I won't have to feed it so often. I will slice some tomorrow and have the wife take the pic of me slicing it so you get the idea.

Disclaimer: Eating raw or undercook fish may cause food born illnesses do so at your own risk.

But then again I eat Sushi ..

PS: Make sure you get the freshest piece of fish you can get. If it smells fishy don't try this recipe and make sure all untinsels are cleaned with bleach and rinsed in warm soapy water before and after use. I can't stress that enough, clean and bacteria free.

JMack, have you ever had Lox? It looks the same as the pick I posted .. good on crackers and things like that .. the wife likes it .. Me .. ehhh it's ok .. as Dutch would say "if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"

I skinned it frst .. I read somewhere to leave the skin on.. but I opted to remove it along with the pin bones.

Hey Chris, I'm not a big fan for lox but the wife likes it so I made her some and a few of the neighbors also have a taste.. they said it's much better than the store bought smoked salmon. I think we have a winner !! I remember you asking long ago for a smoked lox recipe .. this one is much better and easier ..

Joe.....Next weekend I will be tryying your recipe.
I think maybe two fish.
I got a fishing trip up around North Bay on the 8th so I will make them up an take them with me. The guys will probably have to fight over it if I don't take enough.

So how did that fillet turn out?

Next time, try marinating the fillet in a bottle of vodka (ICE is my favorite) for 24 hours before smoking. An old family tradition. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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