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I just prepared 5 lbs of Alaska King salmon today on a cedar plank (several planks). I grilled about 3 lbs. and baked the remainder in a convection oven...on a cedar plank.

Strange, although the salmon was 2-day old fresh from Alaska, the King salmon was drier than usual. The texture was not as flaky as earlier in the season. Then it hit me.....these fish are at the end of their migration and are about to make their last mad dash upstream to spawn...and die! Their oil content is lower since they have been swimming all summer long to get to the mouth of the river. This is why early season King salmon is sooooo good!

You guys have to try Dutch's maple glazed's out of this world good. It's my favorite way for salmon. Been looking for another thermometer, just ordered the maverick - I think they should actually use the picture in this forum - perfect temps, 225 & 140!!!!
Michelle, Glad you liked the Maple Glaze. My neighbor was given 4 salmon fellets and had no idea where to begin. I offered to smoke them and used my Maple Glaze on them. His wife doesn't really care for fish and she kept reminding me of that little fact the entire time the fish was in the smoker. When she saw the glaze go on the salmon she was really interested in how it would taste. Her final comment? "Hmmm-just like candy!!"

Yep Dutch, love your maple recipe - hubby is brining some brown trout in some maple syrup concoction right now...

By the way, when Vulcan sent the link for the thermometer I ordered it. (My old one died two weeks ago) I was informed that it arrived today (just in time for weekend vittles) :) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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