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May 27, 2006
Danbury, Ct.
Well I got brave and tried to do some salmon today...I even surprised myself how good it turned out...
Just coated it with evoo, both sides, left the skin on...used a McCormicks Garlic Pepper seasoning Grinder, and dill weed just on the top the smoker up to 225....stuck a probe into the fish to monitor the internal temp...was shooting for about 145...but when it reached 130 I took a peek, and the oils were already on top...and flaked really nice.....needless to say it got pulled then....really great...used a water pan and just a couple of chunks of alder wood..real nice mild smoke flavor..if my wife liked must have been good...very picky about her salmon...


Tim..Joe Good Morning..

This was an old post.. and I have changed the formula just a tad...still smoke at 225*...I have learned to resist pulling it early and let it go to 140* internal temp...texture is much nicer..I now use cherry wood...much nicer flavor than the alder...didn't have cherry for that first smoke...still use the same seasonings...the size fillet I try to get all the time is the wife some leftovers...and it takes just about an hour and a half to get up to the 140*..
Joe.. yes I did get to the Whole Foods store down in Greenwich...popular place.. crowded early ...lots of god looking foods there...they were all out of the beef ribs...maybe I'll try going down on a Fri. instead of a Sun. morning..there is always the West Hartford store also...when I go up to the Big-E next month..I'll try to make stop on the way ...
Here is one pic...just as one is going in..thought I had one of the finished product...guess the salmon often so there will be more pics...

Hope this helps..

Hi Richard,

Nice looking Salmon, The wife likes Salmon and wants to do another smoke. But first she wants to dry cure it some and smoke it at a very low temp for Lox. Maybe we'll do it this weekend and I'll post a pic.

Although the prices are high the meat is very good as are the veggies. The wife an I make a grocery list and we get the meat and veggies there and all our paper goods and fish at a regular grocery store.

has anyone tried to smoke a whole fish? I mean the fish being cleaned and gutted, but not filet. I am just wondering if the smoke flavor will penetrate the fish skin? I have cooked salmon on the grill, but that ws when I had no idea of what I was doing, and could not tell if it was good or not. Picked up some planks last week, and have a salmon filet in the fridge, just need to clear enough time to work with both.

Sounds like you salmon method is the way to go
Gary, I never did a whole fish to be honest with you. Sounds like something I'll try later this summer. If the fish is gutted and you have some cuts across the skin I would think you would get a nice smokey flavor.
Let me know if you find anything out.

I think I will go home and set everything up to have my daughter start the wood planks to soaking before I get home tomorrow. Then light a little fire, and throw the salmon on the grill, and watch the wood plank burn up.
Tell me about the wood plank thing.

I have seen cedar planks for sale at our local lowes and at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I know they are for cooking salmon. However, I thought that it was just to let the fish lay on while you cooked it. Cedar is an evergreen and as such I was always taught not to use it for cooking.

Please enlighten me, Kung Fu master.
they were on sale at the local grocer store 2 for $4.00. All I know, since I have not researched it, is that salmon grilled on planks of cedar are good eats....

I was looking for a little help in this realm as well. 1st to find out anything let us all know.
Plans gto changed last nite. Wife made shrimp instead, but I am not at work toady. This afternoon, plan to lite the fires, use a medium amount of hickory chips, mixing 2 parts wet to 1 part dry. 30 min. soaked cedar plank. That salmon has no choice, but to taste good. Looking for seasonings, but think i may just let the natural flavors of the smoke, and wood be the stars tonight.
Hey Ice,

How's that Salmon coming along? Be sure and post some pics. I may pick up a filet and do it Sunday if your's comes out good.
It's got to be close to diner time. Let us all know how the Salmon turned out. Those planks can get a little pricey at some places. I go to Home Depot and get UNTREATED Cedar pieces (hack 'em up myself) for pennies. FYI.
Sorry guys, had to run to my parents house last nite, Dad bought a nw computer and has no idea how to get it outta the box..

I did cook the salmon last night. here is the report.


Went with 2 chunks of hickory and 1 handful of wet chips {hickory}. Did not preseason the meat at all. {the only mistake}. Soaked the cedar plank for about 40 mins. Got the fire started while the wood was getting wet.

Placed the plank on the grates. Put the fish on the plank. closed the lid and walked away. Came back in 15 mins. chugging along at 250 degrees, 15 mins later temp steady. Think it was 1 hour on the grates...Was on the phone explaining to the old man how to put his computer together....Anyway,
Probed the fish and 140 degrees. Pulled the plank off the grill. [WARNING!!!!! Put on BBQ Gloves first.} Take pics. take a bite. tasted good to me, and I loved the color.

Wife made her plate. added lemon pepper, took a bite of hers when she walked outta the room...HEAVEN!!!.

I have only cooked salmon about 3 times in the past, they were always covered in some kind of marinade sauce. This was the best I had done, nothing done prior to hitting the heat. Lesson and note for next time...a little seasoning, salt, pepper, and garlic powder next time. Take from grill before it gets to 140 degrees. I thought it a little dry, but the taste was SALMON!.

Cajun give it a try, I personally like to taste just the meat. There have been times when the only thing added to meat prior to cook is pepper, and garlic powder. I would figure how to give it a lite taste of dill next time.

Glad to see you finally had a chance to do your salmon...I have never tried the plank method...don't know if I would want to mix the two flavors of the plank and the smoke...and 140* should have still been very moist inside..maybe the wood sucked all the juice out of it...

Here is how I did ours tonight...

smoker at 225...water pan...cherry wood....smoked to 140*
skin on..evoo on both sides...garlic/pepper, and dill weed for the only seasonings..
I can only put 3 pics in a post.. I'll put the others in another post...



Both salmons look fantastic. I love smoked salmon.

vulcan, I wonder if the EVOO helped hold in some of the moisture. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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