Salmon fillets?

Discussion in 'Fish' started by low'n'slow, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Help! I've been asked to smoke four one-pound salmon fillets (skin-on) for a family get-together this weekend, but I'm at a loss. I've got an MES smoker, and I've done pork, beef, and poultry - but never fish!

    Anyone have any (easy) recipes or tips?
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    Try Dutch's maple smoked salmon, you can't go wrong...I also have taken a teriyaki sauce and spread that on the salmon and the heated up some pineapple preserves (so it was easier to spread) and then spread that on top the salmon, gave a great flavor and nice glaze. They don't too long to cook, I'm not sure how thick yours are, but I smoked them until a lot of the fat came to the top then did a flake test. People go crazy over both of these recipes. Use a light wood like apple or cherry. Some say alder for fish, but I wasn't overly happy with that...believe me you can't go wrong with this. I purchased throw away flat pans that I put the fish on, I don't think you would want to put right on the grate.
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    I have done salmon before and it turned out fantastic, smoke it at 225° and bring to an internal temp. of 150°/155°. I used cherry and apple when i have smoked fish and it worked well. You can probably use what ever wood you want though.

    Here is the link to the awesome glaze i used:

    you will not be dissapointed.
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    Where is Salmonclubber when you need him[​IMG]
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    low and slow

    i smoke all my salmon using rock salt i sprinkle heavy coat of salt on top of salmon let sit for 1 1/2 hours rinse off salt place into smoker at the lowest temp you can smoke with alder or cherry or hickory they will work so will apple during the smoke spray with apple juice every hour the other recipes all sound great i dont know about your smoker but i do my fish at 120 for six to eight hours if you do it at a hi temp it should only take 2-4 hours deer meat is right on with the temp range for hot smoking salmon if you need more help just ask i will be glad to help

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