Rytek book revision #s

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Feb 5, 2009
Lockport IL
Does anyone know what the differences are in the Rytek Kutas book Great Sausage recipes and Meat Curing edition numbers?

I think they are in the 4th edition. I did not think there were any differences until someone gave me a page number for a recipe and mine was no where close to the page number.

Just curious, mine is used but not worn out.
I'm interested to, mine is like an "84 version. how many pages in the latest revision?
Hey Dan, is that a "zit" in the middle of yer forehead?????
My 4th addition has a total of 552 pages....that is with some of them being blank in the back but they are still numbered. This is just a guess but I think a company bought the rights to the book and up dated it from the original that is why you see sausage make things pushed in the recipes and stuff. I am just guessing tho.
Interesting mine has 503 pages ending at the last page of the index. I wonder what I don't have.
I think they clarified a few things in the newer ones an have heard added in some stuff. I've got a fairly old edition, but still has good info in it. I ain't sure buyin a new one is worth the extra bucks if ya got one a the older ones. By the time ya get through it, yer changin stuff an makin up yer own most a the time.

Zit, get it, thought that was a rice ball!
I have the 4th edition and their are some color pictures now. You guys say that it has blank pages and mine does too. So
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