rump roast- something new

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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
here is the roast i smoked today. i did this one different. i rubbed it with mustard on worcestershire sauce, then sprinkled black pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, and onion powder on it. i let it sit on the table while i got my fire started. then i cut up some baby carrots, and peeled some potatoes. then i washed and cut up said potatoes. i put the veggies in an aluminum roasting pan, along with a 6-oz can of apple juice. i put it all in the smoker, with oak and pecan burning in the firebox. i finally put the roast in the pan with the veggies after a few hours. then i foiled it all, and after my heat got down to 200°, i put it in the oven, at 225°. when it hit 200°, internal, i pulled it out and let it rest for an hour. my wife made up some shells & cheddar. here is the (food) porn y'all are craving. enjoy! i know we did.


Fantastic Chris, I should know better than to get on here before I'm starving, sure wish I had that plate in front of me right now, and ditto on the smoke ring.
Looks great Chris. And good lookin shells to the Mrs too. Looks like some pretty fine eatin.

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