rueben sammies question

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Nov 21, 2006
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what kind of cheese is on a rueben sandwich? it has been so long since i ate one, i forgot. last one i ate was on marbled rye, at arby's. that was like 2 years ago. yesterday i cooked up a corned beef brisket; one of those you buy at the store. i bought a point, bcause i wanted it shredded. i cooked it all evening in the crock-pot, and pulled it last night. sample tasted good.
I like Swiss cheese on mine, and I think that is the norm. May God have mercy on my soul if I'm wrong, my G-Ma(german) would skin me alive!
hmm, can i smoke it after i already cooked it in the crock-pot? i already pulled it too. i can put in a pot or something to smoke it though. i was thinking swiss, but wasn't sure. ty all.
MMMMMMMMM one of my absolute favs! And your hide is safe, BigAl! Swiss it is!

WRONG!!! WRONG Keywesmoke!!! ONLY Thousand Island! Watch your mouth, or G-ma will skin us both! Me first for practice and 'cause I had to think twice on the cheese.........and for know'n you!
i leave off the thousand island, and sauerkraut; i don't like either. i eat mine corned beef, cheese, and rye bread. i always have ate them that way.
I like Provolone don't care for swiss - sorry guys! It's an in-bread thing! and I like mayo and Dijon mustard - maybe that's a Reubini?
I like mine that way too Chris. When I eat it like that I use mustard. Spicy mustard is my favorite. I guess that really just makes it a corned beef on rye if you don't use the saurkraut and thousand island dressing.
The Rachel is the Reuben's cousin....

Smoked turkey
cole slaw
1000 island
on rye, toasted or grilled

with FF's and a pickle!

This is a "Georgia" Reuben, and how the deli's in the southeast make them.
Actually if you want a true reuben it isn't thousand island dressing either .
it's russian

Rye bread
swiss cheese
corned beef
finished with russian dressing

the thousand island for some unknown reason took the place of the russian
here is a russian recipe

4 C Oil
4 C Catsup
½ C Mayonnaise
¾ C Sugar
¾ C White vinegar
¾ C Lemon juice
2 T Paprika
2 T Salt
½ T Pepper
might have to scale it down a bit we used this in a resturant i worked
thousand island is similar but has relish and chunkies in it
russian is smooth and more like a red french dressing
The classic Reuben sandwich is Rye Bread with thousand Island dressing, corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and mustard ad lib. Beware however this combination is delicious but NOT KOSHER, you will never find this sandwich in a Jewish Deli. Meat and Milk products are not to be used together. What the hell its one of my favorites too.
So what do you call a reuben if it's made w/ pastrami, a reubenetti? We always make ours with pastrami, and we butter the bread lightly and sprinkle a little parmagiano reggiano before we grill the bread. Talk about good crunchies. For a grilled turkey and swiss, we sprinkle a little fresh chopped rosemary on with the parmesan.

Look what you guys have done to me, and it's only 9:30 a.m.


I betcha anybody that tries the rosemary and parmesan thing gives me a rep power point for it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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