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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 1, 2007
I'm about to do my first turkey for the Superbowl. At what temp (of the bird) should I quit adding smoke? Also - should I put a rub on the bird? I soaked it in a brine mix with garlic, soy sauce, pepper flakes, etc. I'm planning on using hickory chunks and I have an electric smoker.

Thanks in advance.
turkeys seem to absorb a lot of smoke. smoke lightly up to 140*. Be sure and keep the smoke light or you can oversmoke it easily IMHO.
If you have the choice use apple. It is a lighter wood and a turkey can handle a good apple smoke.
Be careful with mesquite wood, it can take over and be a bit overpowering
Thanks guys.
What about a rub? Do you suggest a rub or justcoat the outside with butter or olive oil? One more question - My smoker is an electric bullet type. Should I put the turkey on the top rack or 2nd rack, closer to the heating element?

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