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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by larry maddock, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. larry maddock

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    as it seems that there are a few Royal Oak Smokers/Electric users here..

    and as it seems this is a fairly new retail product....

    i would like to have a thread concerning the pro's and the con's
    of this unit....

    i propose that this unit be designated ROSE--
    thats Royal Oak Smoker Electric ....

    i purchased mine at wally world--11/18/09 for $104--
    i bought floor display unit and got $20 bucks off regular $124 price

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    Originally Posted by larry maddock
    1st fault of unit i found ---
    hickory sawdust would not ignite or smoulder at 200f---
    i quickly made a "CHIP PAN" pan from cut up beer can,and placed
    right on heating element....mucho smoke..

    reply from MR MAC
    That was the first thing I noticed as well and I did the same thing!

    Originally Posted by larry maddock
    -on second day /second smoke---1 tri-tip-6 pork chops
    2nd fault of unit--
    water pan doesnt hold enough water---
    on 2nd day i filled ROSE chip pan with water also---worked well

    reply by mr mac
    I found a larger pan that fits across the span and slides right in to the rails!

    Posted by larry maddock
    my unit has a small diameter aluminum rod that
    supports the heating element...
    any cause for concern on this??????

    reply by mr mac
    No cause for concern there as the coils will never get hot enough to weaken the rod.
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    Originally Posted by larry maddock View Post
    in my newly purchased royal oaks smoker electric-Model E 1609B
    there is a stainless steel rod [connected to 2 sides]
    that element rests on...
    its seems to be there permanently....
    my users guide says not to get element wet and use.....
    there is nothing about metal touching element...
    i have called customer service--they said tech would get back to me---
    2 weeks and im still waiting----
    this is a concern to me----

    on other threads -
    many folks with e c b's have set chip pan on element....

    i hope this is not a "the world is flat" situation....
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    It's not a world is flat situation
    but it is one of those "this may cause situations."
    Another piece of metal touching the element may cause a hot spot. Hot spots in elements are known to burn the element out prematurely compared to an element without a hot spot. Sometimes the chunk wood I use ends up laying against the element and I've had no burnout yet..... but I wouldn't lay a metal smoke box directly on the element. Get you a clothes hanger and make a little stand that sits a half inch or inch above the element. Or don't worry about it and figure when it burns out.... that was the life of the element the way you use it, and order a new one.
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    using a clothes hanger to make a frame to hold cut up beer can---WITH OUT TOUCHING ELEMENT-- thats holds my sawdust and or chips seems to be a good idea for me...
    yes--- i am cheap----

    O K folks----what say you???----
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    since she will reside on the front porch thats covered-
    --i have covered her with contractor
    trash bags----any ideas for a better cover???
    what say you????[​IMG]
  2. larry maddock

    larry maddock Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    [​IMG]another problem thats come up for me----
    i have a chicken leg holder--holds 12--
    its 15 inches long
    that used to fit on my char broil electricicle---

    this was real space saver as i would get 10 leg quarters
    and 2 fatty's on it on 1 rack...there was 2 racks

    on ROSE it has to be jammed in on 45 degree angle to close door..
    i havent tried it with the chicken quarters yet....

    there is three racks in ROSE....
    the top rack doesnt have much more than fatty clearance--
    so i guess that can be used for chicken pieces[​IMG]

    what say you???
  3. graybeard

    graybeard Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    A picture would be nice!!!!!!! BTW, you call it what you want butt how many peeps will know what you are referring to??
  4. larry maddock

    larry maddock Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    bumpity bump

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