Round roast, so so

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Jun 14, 2006
I rubbed with chipotle mustard and Cavender's seasoning. Sprayed with apple juice. Used cherry wood to smoke. Cooked to 160, foiled it with apple juice to 180. Took about 6.5 hours. Then I let it sit for about a half hour before slicing.

It was good, but not as good as the last roast I made. I guess it was the cut of meat. My last roast was sirloin tip. Guess I'll stick with something a little closer to that next time.

I have another round roast in the freezer, I think I will try marinating it in Italian dressing overnight next time.

Or maybe I'll try some beef jerky.

Anyway, I guess practice makes perfect :D

It looks good, was the taste just not what you liked? Have you tried injection? Ship what portion that was not eaten to Southern California, and my laboratory, will do in depth research and send you a report on the findings. Looks very good to me, and I would be proud to put it on the dinner table.
Hi Doug,
Nice looking roast.. You started out with a tougher piece of meat compaired to your last smoke of the sirloin roast. What didn't you like about this roast? The texture, taste or was it a li'l tough? Thanks for the pics, it does look good. nice color too.. How many lbs was that roast?

The round is a tough cut to get right. They are usually best for braising (crock pot, with LOTS of moisture). It does look good. If you do smoke the other one, try injecting it with papaya juice, marinate in teriyaki, then smoke. Try a longer, lower smoke. I've never done it, just sounds like a good way to try. Papaya is the best juice on the planet for breaking down proteins, and the salt in the teriyaki will help draw the moisture out of a lot of the connective tissues in that cut. Then you can smoke it "Hawaiian Style". Just some thoughts. Enjoy!!
Looks delicious!

I have one in the freezer I was thinking about doing...I will try it with the suggestions posted and let you know!
great picture! How do you send these? i just got a new camera and have tried but failed to send one... thanks
The first thing I ever put in a smoker in 1981 was an "eye of round" roast.

Smoked it in a Mr Meat Smoker. It was probably within the top 3 toughest pieces of meat I've ever tried to eat. :(

Round steak is wonderful as jerky, cut into strips and deep fried as steak fingers (after tenderizing) but ain't worth diddly on the smoker :!: At least that's my .02 worth.
Hey all,

Yes, it was a little tough. I would say definitely "chewy" :roll:

The taste and everything was good. Just didn't end up being what I was hoping it was going to be.

I'm going to have to get an injector. I see that mentioned on here a lot.

Gary, I packed up the rest and it should be shipping out to you tomorrow. UPS doesn't ship on Sunday :D
Hi Rodger,

Can you give me a top 3 or something of beef roasts you think are good on the smoker?

I made a sirloin tip roast a few weeks back that was delicious, I'll be doing that one again.

Eye of round is a tough lean cut from the hind quarter of the steer. It's a tough locomotion muscle that would be part of a ham on a pig.

For smoking there are two options, cook rare-med rare ( 140 or less internal temp) and slice thin, OR take it up to 160 or so, wrap it up with some stock or fruit juice and braise that thing til it falls apart.

It's just not a great BBQ cut, but you can certainly make some good sandwiches out of the rare stuff sliced thin with some horseradish sauce on a nice kaiser roll. It'll have a bit of chew, but then again you probably didn't pay $7/# for it either.
My wife sliced up the leftovers, made sandwiches and reheated them in the toaster oven, then I slathered on some homemade horseradish. Good stuff :D

Not sure why but it was a lot more tender.

I might try marinating the other in Italian dressing then cooking it rare and slicing it for sandwiches.

Thanks for the idea Scott.
OK, I think I found a good use for the other round roast I had in the freezer :D

I put it in the crock pot and filled it with Italian dressing so it was about 3/4 of the way high on the roast. I put it fat side up, then sprinkled the part sticking out of the dressing with cilantro (first thing I saw when I opened the cupboard :lol: )

I have the kind of crock pot where the crock comes out of the heating section, so I took it out and put the whole thing in the refrigerator over night.

Then I pulled it out this morning, flipped the roast to fat side down so the exposed part was now under the dressing, then I shook a good bit of Cavender's Greek seasoning all over it.

I set the crock pot to high for about 6 hours, then I set it to low for another 4 or 5 hours.

Took the lid off, cut it up and the meat pretty much fell apart. We had some left over taziki (sp?) sauce in the freezer. I got some sun dried tomato wraps, pita bread, feta cheese, vidalia onion and some tomatos out of the garden. Put it all together for a gyro or whatever you want to call it.

Good stuff. My stomach was happy :D

P.S. I had a gallon of Italian dressing from Sam's club. I think it is around 4 or 5 dollars. Otherwise it would probably be kind of expensive to use that much dressing.
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