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  1. Anyone tell me how much Rosemary to use on a stuffed pork loin about 4#'s. Should I sprinkle the Rosemary on the inside before rolling back up or sprinkle on the outside after already rolled up? Will also be using spicy italian sausage, hot pepper cheese, fresh basil, fresh mushrooms and a coat of rub on the outside.
  2. richtee

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    T-H's on it ..careful of the fresh! Savory and sage are a couple other spices that go well with pork, BTW.
  3. jminion

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    Your other choice would be if grilling at higher pit temps is to put fresh rosemary on the grill next to loin. It will flavor without over powering the flavor print.
  4. surgem7

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    If you like rosemary an it is fresh. Inside and out.
  5. I am using fresh Rosemary, sorry i meant to mention the first time, I do have dried also if needed.
  6. supervman

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    I love the stuff.
    I grow my own.
    Go easy at first.
    You can add some fresh chopped later if you wish.
    It's STRONG !
    Go SLOW at first.
    It's so arbitrary to tell someone else what their taste buds will tolerate.
    It's a wonderful flavoring spice.
    Tweeking a recipe when you know what you like and dislike is one thing but if you're unfamiliar with this (which we all were to everything at one time) then my suggestion is start small as it's a powerful flavor, but it goes VERY well with pork.
  7. venture

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    I also grow my own. Love it.

    If using inside and fresh, I would chop finely. Otherwise you could floss with it.

    It works on the grill or in the fire.

    I like to put sprigs in the body of a whole chix along with some butter, garlic and lemon. Yumm. Experiment and enjoy!
  8. solar

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    Don't know if this helps, I used 1 tbs of dried Rosemary in my rub for a 7.5lb butt I did last week, it wasn't over powering at all.
  9. chef_boy812

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    I tell this to all of my chef students;

    Taste everything separately, think about how much is in your mouth, how intense it is, what it feels like, how long does it linger in your mouth after you swallow/spit it out.

    Herbs are an alli and a foe, but with experimentation you will be a n herbaholic like me.

    The Italians make this great sanwhich called Porchetta con pan.
    They take a whole pig and rub it down with just rosemary, garlic, and salt. inside and out. smoke roast it and slice it on bread. you actually tell the guy, (or point crazilly if you don't speak italian, that's me) what parts of the pig you want your sandwhich from. Street food.

    soooo goood.

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