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Rosé Paired With Stuffed Calamari!

leah elisheva

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When it comes to food & wine pairings, people panic (if needing to serve guests) and there is so much over done ridiculousness, in the name of "advice" on how to pair.

Here is my two sips worth, or "way to make it easy" and perfect every single time - guaranteed - even if you're hosting some mega wine guru! So have some fun!

First off, forget the old adage that red wine goes with meat and white wine goes with fish. Not so.

Instead, follow these THREE simple rules, and you'll be golden! Each time! That's it.

1. What is the COLOR of the food?

(Not what IS the food, as in fish or meat, but the actual COLOR).

Example: Ahi Tuna is a fish, but it is a blood RED fish.

Pork is a meat, but yet we know from the catchy advertising slogan, that it is "the other WHITE meat."

So determine the COLOR of the food first, and start out on rule one, with that therefore matching the color of your wine.


If you take chicken, (which is white) yet you plunge it into some sassy cacciatore sauce that's red, then suddenly that WHITE food becomes a RED one if you will, (having fun yet? I love this stuff), and the texture changes against those onions and olives and capers and peppers, and the heat and flavor is more intense, and therefore only a RED wine, is going to match!

Conversely, if you poach salmon, serve it cold, and slather mayonnaise or plain goat yogurt over it all, and sliced cucumbers too, then that "pinkish red fish" becomes more "whitely" prepared, and is cold, and just begs for some crisp and cold white wine to help it along!

Duck, depending on how it is prepared, can be crispy, well done, and better with WHITE, or fanned out quite rare in the middle and in need of some red.

If eating lox, shrimp, cantaloupe with Prosciutto, lobster, salmon, pink rice, or ANYTHING sort of "pink," then Rosé, or Rosé Sparkling or Champagne, is just quite perfect!

And so you get the idea, about how rule 2, does indeed change rule 1.

3. But now for my favorite of it all!!!


And so, if you are a big bold Cabernet guy or gal, then whether you eat sushi, raw oysters on the half shell or smoked and crackling Cornish hens; you will just love your meal entirely MORE, if drinking what you so normally enjoy.

So pay attention to rules 1 and 2, if hosting company and needing to "do the right thing" so that your guests have really nice options that will accent and bring out your wonderful smoked food flavor!

But if you are dining by yourself, then skip right on to rule number three, and have what you like!

You see? Food and Wine Pairing needn't be stressful, or messful, or snooty or weird. It's easy when you just go by this little system! I do it everyday and simply ignore all the other affected mega-rules, when it comes to this dance. And I am damn happy with every day's result!

Cheers and happy Saturday! And here's a look at that Rosé, from my Today, that's Paired With Stuffed And Ever So Succulent Calamari!!! (Also posted in the non-fish/seafood section). And so enjoy!

Cheers and Warm Wishes, Leah

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