Roll call for Silver Lake Michigan BBQ contest

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Laura and I are going up there probably wednesday the 12th. Gonna make it a long weekend getaway. Staying at the Dunes Waterfront Hotel (BBQ Bubba there also). (231) 873-5500. It's across the street from the activities (fall Applefest going too). Registered for the judging class on the 13th. Jeff Clark emailed me back and wanted to know if I would like to judge the comp!
Looked it up in the KCBS rules for judging....You can judge any KCBS event AFTER you have taken the class. Ya need to start somewhere........ Looking forward to seeing the MI chapter of SMF again (hopefully more can show up this time).

If anyone is interested in the class, contact Jeff Clark [email protected] (231)873-5980 or (231)873-5257 Main page
Oh ya, well be there, hopefully Cindy n the kids are coming too so the girls can do their thing while the guys do our thing! Be at judging class on thursday too!
Should be a great time, all who can make it should try!
Debi and I will be making a day trip out of it for the competition. We enjoyed Grand Rapids very much and had a great time meeting everyone from SMF.

Can't take the KCBS course or do any further time as my school schedule just won't permit it.

Hope to see you all there and save us a parking space....
would like some more info for this event just a newbie but would like to come and see a comp. never been to one before sounds like fun even if im not smokin so send me a email or pm if you would please
Bud and me will be there also

I apoligize for not posting much, but this summer is just flying by!!! I can't believe it's almost August already.
Look foward to seeing you all there!!!
pick me pick me...... the missus said since i had to go to Atlantic City for a little while with that dreaded work thing that i could attend

the diamond bracelet i just got her for her birthday sealed the

hope to meet everybody there
No backing out this time bro! looking forward to seeing you. Are you bringing the bracelet, i mean the missus? If you can go to class on thursday, you could be a judge on Sat. They still need judges
nope no backing out this time.....yes the bracelet with 65 diamonds in it goes with me and so does the

wont be able to be a judge, have to work on thursday so i can get friday-sunday off
I will be there in the backyard competition. I am lucky enough to live only a few miles away.
My daughter works for Jeff Clark @ Sands restaurant so I am sure she will be working that day.
I would have replied sooner but have been at the hospital a lot lately. My dad just had 5 bypasses. He, if he can get someone to drive will have his '66 Mustang there @ the car show.
I am hoping the wife will come out with me.
I am very much looking foreword to meeting you all in person.
Just read through this thread again and sounds like there will be quite a few of us there on Thursday night for the class. We should all plan on bringing or making somthing(lang & other equipment avalible to all) for a great dinner(A Feast, SMF style) on that or friday night ........Whatcha think??
Sounds great! On thurs nite though, not supposed to get out until around 930p.

Arent you and Bud in the comp, or just the class? If in the comp....believe judges cant fraternize with contestants until after the comp?
Right you are Geoff....guess I didn't think that one through
. But once the judging is over, it's fine. We will have the usual ton of leftover BBQ after turn in,so maybe if everyone want's to bring some sides and dessert's for Sat,(they can go in the rv fridge till then) we can have our Feast then.....just some ideas....
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