Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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Feb 22, 2007
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2 heads of garlic - roasted (cut in half, put in tinfoil with olive oil,sea salt and fresh black pepper)
roast in oven until garlic has turned careful not to burn

couple of pounds of red potatoes ( i keep skin on)
1 can chicken stock (can is ok)
sour cream

everybody knows how to make mashed potatoes...

what i do is melt my butter in a different pan and add the garlic...

when the potatoes are mashed i add them and enough sour cream and chicken stock so i get the consistancy that i desire

mix well and enjoy
if you cook the garlic too fast it burns and gets bitter dont ask me how i know

the idea is to caramalize(sp) it...makes it like candied garlic...when you roast it slowly it takes the bite out of garlic that it has when it is raw

i am not sure about smoking it but you could put in your smoker and in the tinfoil and cook it that way
I roast garlic all the time in the oven. Nothing like it! Smoked garlic might be kewl though. Maybe smoke the paste for a few minutes?

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