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Discussion in 'Beef' started by tyotrain, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. tyotrain

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    I would like to smoke some beef and then have it sliced for roast beef sandwich's. not sure what the best cut of meat to use and not sure what temp to cook to dont' want it falling apart. I have smoke beef before but have not tried to slice it for sandwich's. Any input is welcome than you
  2. I have used both a bottom round and a sirloin tip, and the sirloin tip was much better, as would be expected. I like mine a touch under medium. I pulled the sirloin tip at 138 and let it sit covered in foil for 20 minutes or so. The temperature went up to 141 and then I sliced it in half and put the halves in gallon-sized plastic bags and into the fridge. Of course, I had to test it by slicing a bit off before putting it into the fridge. Then, the next day, I slice it thin for sammies. Still looking to get an electric slicer.
  3. bbally

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    Prime Rib is always a great sandwich. I would go medium to medium rare if you chose a rib roast.

    I also like to roast the pikes peak cut and make it into sandwiches. It is also best in the M to MR range.
  4. rw willy

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    All those temps will be great, what ever level of doneness for beef that you like.
    I use "strip loin" when I want to impress and eat well. Its the primal that new york strips are cut from. Good flavor and slices well, holds together for a great sandwich.
    My two cents, enjoy.
  5. tyotrain

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    MY wife dont' like it bloody would letting it go to say 160 or 170 be ok? Have to make her happy lol
  6. abokol

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    make 2![​IMG]
  7. mballi3011

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    I have done a bunch of them and I use a sirloin tip roast and they are really good and not much grissel to them. Now I would take it maybe 145° and then you can have some in the center for you and the outer meat should be more done for the wife. I like mine rare and take it to 125-130° or so.
  8. pineywoods

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    I usually use sirloin tip or top round roast and I smoke to 140 but if you want it more done I would say go to 150 but personally I wouldn't go over that the cuts I use don't have the fat content to take them higher in my opinion. I let them sit foiled for awhile then put them into the fridge for the night and slice the next day.

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