ringing in for SoDak

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Original poster
Jul 9, 2006
South Dakota
Just thought I would both ring in for South Dakota AND say that all I have learned from your site is both very interesting and fun not to mention stuff I wouldn't be able to find all condensed in one spot for less than $100. LOL!

Anyway, we are Crystal and Chad and we have two daughters. I'm originally from OK but he's been an SD boy the whole time :) We haven't been into the whole BBQ thing for too long. Just catching the fever again by seeing all the competitions on the Food Channel and the Discover Channel. See, TV does work in someone's favor or is it flavor?? There really isn't any good BBQ up in these parts that we've found at all. I have lots of questions but I will just sit back and learn from you guys for awhile. I ultimately have hopes of a "roach coach" BBQ place to show these dang yanks how BBQ is really done :D I'll leave the lefsa and lutefisk to the natives...

Crystal and the Crew
Heya, Crystal and Chad! Since you already know what's available here I s'pose all I can do is invite you to set a spell, enjoy our company and share with us as we share with you both our triumphs and our flops! Every experience is a learning experience!
Glad you found us!
Welcome CB2!
You've come to the best darn Que-site on the web. Lots of great folks here to help ya...even some Yanks :lol: I'm from wisconsin and we love our Que, And we do some of the best fish boils you'll find here on the great lakes. Dive in, we look forward to your posts. 8)
Just had some Rib Rub by Famous Dave's... Leaves quite a bit to be desired. Hadn't ever tried it before.. Probably won't again without a little more research on proper use of a rub. Chad did this one. I'm more prone to using a marinade style prep. I make a really good 3 day brisket... but that's all I've really mastered at this point, HA!


Welcome from a Ct. Yankee...Glad to have you here...thanks the heads up on that rub...can't say that I have even see it around here....that 3 day brisket sounds interesting ..Please tell us more..

Well, it's a recipe that my grandmother used and I just took it over :) The first day is marinading, the second day is cooking for five hours, and the third basically consists of thoroughly reheating the meat and adding the sauce.

I'll post in the recipe section. Obviously, modify to your tastes :)
Welcome to SMF Crystal and Chad. I think a lot of us here use "If you can't find good 'que, then make your own" as our un-offical motto. 8)

If you know what you prefer in a rub, you can always develop your own recipe or find a good recipe and make some changes in it to make it yours.

tulsajeff has done an outstanding job of putting this forum together and each of us contribute what we know and have learned so that folks like you can benefit.

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