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  1. I am new to smoking and I have never smoked anything before. Being the we have several turkeys already for Thanksgiving I am being pressured into smoking ribs as a test run. I have read countless hours of “how to smoke ribs” on the internet….does anyone have any suggestions / recipes / instructions that I should stick with for my first run??
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    Can't go wrong with the 2-2-1 method for baby backs. Make sure to peel the membrane off first (youtube if you don't know what i mean). Then apply your dry rub. Smoke around 200-225 for 2 hrs naked. Then after 2 hours, individually wrap your ribs in foil and throw back on the smoker for 2 hours. After that 2 is up, remove from foil and mop on your favorite sauce and let smoke another hour. Good luck!
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    Yes do this.


    In my opinion if you follow this 3 2 1 method for a first try at smoked ribs you will be the hero of the hour. Total 6 hours or so and they really do turn out near to perfect with an unbelieveable taste and texture.

    With this as a starting point you can tweek the recipe and add or subtract stuff till you have it zeroed in. It is very hard to screw up ribs
    with the 3 2 1. You need to have the temperature relatively steady around 220-230f or so and have thin blue smoke from a wood like apple, cherry, hickory or if you like it a little stronger mesquite. It will turn out so well you really doesn't need bbq sauce. You can add it the last 30 minutes or so if you like.
  4. I followed the 3-2-1 with my second time smoking baby back ribs and it turned out awesome the meat falls right of the bone. I added my sauce about 30 min into the last hour and it turned out great. it is almost full proof.
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    What kind of ribs are you doing? Baby back, spares?
    The 3-2-1 method is a great starting point. With your smoker at 220-230 degrees. Find a good rub that you think you may like. You can lather the ribs up with plain yellow mustard if you like, this will give the rub something to hold onto, or you can skip the mustard, and rub them still. The mustard will not leave any taste at all so don't be afraid to try it.
    With the ribs rubbed down, place them in the smoker for 3 hours while maintaining those low and slow temps. Remove after 3 hours and wrap in foil with the seams up so the juices don't leak out. Back in the smoker for 2 more hours. Remove and smoke the last hour to firm up the bark. Remove and enjoy. You can lay down a sauce on them the last hour, but good ribs do not need a sauce, rather serve the sauce on the side and let your guests use if it if they chose.

    If you need a rub, do a search here for some, there are many. And remember, a smoker does not mean that the smoke should be pouring out, a small amount of wood goes a long ways. If you can barely see the smoke coming out, your doing it right[​IMG]. Too much will leave a tingly feeling on your tongue. Good luck and take some pics for us, we really would like to see how they turn out for you. Also, this is your first post? Swing on over to roll call and give everyone a proper introduction, tell a bit about yourself, hobbies, stuff like that. You found a great place to learn the art of smoking and when your ribs turn out great, I'm sure you will want to do other things.

    Here is a great link you should look at for preparing ribs, spare ribs that is. But the membrane thing is the same.

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