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May 13, 2006
North East
These li'l guys were fall off the bone tender. I don't follow the 3 2 1 method nor do I time them. When they look right we eat .. if not .. we have a few more beers and wait.

Hi Rodger, Those are the ones with the smoked basil. They came out pretty good. After I smoked the basil I figured why not smoke the rest of the spices. <I figured you take spices and place them in a hot pan to open them up why not smoke'm> Soo ground the basil, and added to 1/4 cup of paprika, 3 tbs of onion powder, 3 tbs of garlic granuals, 2 tbs of ground mustard, 3 tbs of the smoked basil. 1 tbs of black pepper, 1 tbs of kosha salt and 1 tsp of ground smoked habinero that I smoked a month or so ago. I placed all the spices on a cookie sheet, smoked it for about an hour. You can ad as much ground habinero ya like, I like a good burn also but like to taste the food. A good burn for me it the first burn in the front of your mouth and then a li'l throat burn after .. you get to taste the meat in the middle ..

Sounds good Joe, I'l have to try it. I also like spicy tastes, but I don't like the spice to overpower everything else. I like the taste of the meat to be complimented by the spicy heat. That said, last night I ate pulled pork with nothing on it except cayenne pepper. :oops: If you haven't tried Dutch's Wicked Baked bean's you really need to give them a try. I couldn't imagine pineapple in my baked beans, but it works. :?:
I'll try the beans one of these days for sure.. We have smoked alot of peppers as well as mushrooms and dried them for later use .. My wife puts them in jars and labels them for later use.. I can't seem to keep enough pulled pork in the house... I think my son smells it from far away and shows up on the door step waiting to be fed .. He really liked the ribs <above> he called today to say that he couldn't believe how tender they were .. <thinking he wants to borrow something else, he already has my van> LOL. have you tried making dried smoke habinero's and then grinding them??

I know all about the boys and borrowing stuff. :roll: No I have a big bowl of Jalepeno's that I am going to smoke and make some Chipolte with but I haven't smoked any other peppers. I used to be in the business of growing Shiitake mushrooms. Had the market in most of La cornered but sold out to a grower in South Louisiana who blew the whole thing :cry: . Now I can't find anything but button and portabella around here. Nothing like Shiitake. 8)
Hey Cajun...ther's a mushroom farm up the road from here. They always have a large assortment. I bet they'd be willing to ship to ya 8) Let me know if your interested?
Joe you can cook ribs for me any time. That is what a smoked rib is uspposed to look like. Are those dry, or is there a little sauce cooked into them.
Gary, Those are dry ribs ... I usually serve the sauce on the side.

Joe, the ribs look incredible. I can't wait 'till my Q looks that good. I'm on my way though, practice makes perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!!
Brother JMack, Try the rub I used for these ribs, I think I posted the recipe in here someplace .. if not just ask and I'll repost them.

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