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Original poster
Jun 12, 2006
My sister and her husband have asked me to smoke some ribs for a get
together they are having on tuesday afternoon(4th). My work schedule
is such that I will be pressed for time on getting them done in time. My
question is , If I smoke them on Sunday and have them ready by Sunday
eve. , can I wrap them in foil and refrgerate them until Tuesday , and they still be allright? I've had ribs that I smoked that I ate the next day,
and they were good. But I'm not sure about 2 days. Any advice would be appreciated.

I think you'd be okay. Just wrap them airtight when your done and they should keep just fine. To reheat wrap in foil and place in a 350 oven till they're warmed through.
They will keep fine Buddy. When I do ribs to serve at a later date, I don't add a sauce to them, I'll just wrap them in foil and place them in the fridge.
When you're ready to serve them, leave the foil on and place them on the heated grill.

I have some smoked ribs that I sealed with my Food Saver that have been in the freezer since April. I plan on thawing them out in October and heating them up to see how they fair. Since it's an air tight package, they should taste fine.
Do not sauce them, Wrap well in foil, Place in freezer bag, or large sized tupperware type container. warm them on the grill, or I place in a low heated oven. I like sauce on the side for dipping purposes, but the family wants them sauced. Offset heat, warmed on grill, sauce them up let sauce and meat get happy.
Thanks for the information. That makes it a lot easier if I can do them
ahead of time. I might try to do a brisket to . they're on sale at kroger
for .99 cents a pound for whole packer select grade.
Buy the brisket at that price. The last time I checked out here (about 2 weeks ago) they were about $2.00 per pound. If you don't cook the brisket for the holiday, you will have it on hand for when you do have a taste for good beef, and the time to do it right
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