ribs tommorrow

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Nov 12, 2006
Saxton, Pa.
got 3 large racks of ribs.[5# ea.] 1 with tony chacheres creole, one with durkees grillmates rib rub and the other marinating in stubbs pork marinade and bourbon..smoke is gonna be black cherry and some birch, my stomachs growling now, mouth watering it's getting hard to see don't know if i can hold out might get up in the middle of the night and sleep smoke

Go get yourself some cold pops and crank that smoker up!!! beautiful nite for an all niter............O.K., i'll wait till tomorrow but you keep us updated
I'll be using sweet baby rays on one, real maple syrup and honey on another, and jim beam bbq sauce on the other
here they are before i foil them,, cut the skirts off the smaller ones and me and the puppy are in heaven as the official taste testers

Here they are now ready to dig in..by far out of the three the ones that i marinated in stubbs pork marinade, bourbon and worchestershire sauce then gave a light coating of stubbs pig rub and basted with a real maple syrup and honey glaze ROCKED.

The wife said that's how she wants all hers from now on and i got to admit they were DANG tasty.

The tony chacheres creole was very good i like it better than the durkees, of course i kicked in a little old bay as usual

they actually took 7.5 hours to do..????????. don't know why might be because i didn't split them and they were extra thick, over 2" in the middle,but they was MMMM-MMMM-GOOD

Here's some mouth watering nekkid pics have napkins ready

looks good, did you add the glaze after it was off the grill or while it was on the grill?
after i took them out of the foil i would brush it on about every 25 or 30 mins.
'Scuse the slobber on keyboard. Dang those look good. I swear I am smelling them right now.

Question: Is birch a strong or mild smoke? Can't say as I've smelled it before.

I looooove the idea of basting with maple and honey. I'll have to try it next time.

I finished a batch last weekend for school club cookout. Cut 'em up and filled a turkey roaster pan overflowing. Very proud of em. Everyone turned out nice and chewable, clean bone style. Mmmmm. Even better the next day.

Hope yer enjoyin them. I gotta go get a napkin now. sjkjfdisiskslrkesssdkjfo. Oops.
I have seent he Stubbs marinade out there and was wondering about it. Will have to give it a try. I know my wife would nix the maple and honey glaze though. She is not into Sweet Ribs.......but me, I can any of them, as long as they are tender.
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