Ribs in the Masterbuilt (aka Centro)

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Apr 10, 2007
Great White North
I'm hoping to break in my brand-spanking new smoker this weekend, and I thought I'd give some babybacks a try. Seems to me, though, that a rack of ribs would be a little longer than the box itself. Has anyone done ribs in the Masterbuilt? Did they fit? Did you have to cut them in half, angle them, or bend them?
I cut them in 1/2...that alows 1 rack of ribs per smoker rack which is four....If you want more use the angled rib racks to hold the ribs....might be a little difficult to wrap with foil and find room on the angled racks...never tried it that way as four was always enough for me....If you do not use the 321 method and wrap them during the 2 portion of the smoke you could surely get more in there

Don't forget to season that new smoker before doing the rib smoke

Good luck
Hi Low n Slow -

You can split them in two to fit if you have to. That was my biggest complaint about my ECB - always had to cut them or curl them up to fit them in. I wonder if these guys that design these things have ever cooked ribs in their lives?

Good Luck with your smoke!
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