Ribs, GOSM, and temps

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analog assassin

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Apr 16, 2007
I had received the GOSM via UPS a few days ago. I used to have an electric (an old Mr. Meat Smoker) whose element died. Didn't have time for anything fancy for the trial run, so I put in some fresh green onion sausage. Came out great.

Second run, a meatloaf. I used a deep fryer basket which has holes, and it let the fat render away. It was very good. Wife loved it.

Now, for my true love, spare ribs. I forgot I had a vacuum sealed rack in the freezer. I trimmed it st. louis style, rubbed it with mustard, tony chacheres, and some mccormick pork rub.

First, I want to ask you GOSM owners, how do you keep the temps steady over a long smoke? I found myself checking often, and adjusting the fuel knob to try to keep the temp around 250 or so. I did a good job, but I am used to the plug-in-and-forget-it of the electric smoker.

I will say, my ribs never came out so good on the electric smoker. Maybe because it's the first time I did the St. Louis trim, but just about all the fat was rendered away, and it was just lean and yet tender.

I knew it was going to be good when I picked it up with the tongs and it started to split and fall apart under its own weight. I had to be careful cutting it, it was just very tender.

I think I smoked it about 6 hours. I didn't baste it or mop it, or foil it, or none of that. I'm just trained by the old electric smoker to pretty much leave it alone, because with the electric I'd lose some heat.

I'm sure some of you guys who put the extra effort get better results. I'm going to experiment some more with different techniques such as those, but I'm telling you now, this was the best ribs I've ever had. My wife is a picky eater and doesn't care for pork. But it was so lean and meaty she started eating some of it.

So anyhow, that's my review. Any tips on keeping those temps steady? I think the temps started to drop on me a bit due to the fact my propane tank was starting to run a little low.
I'm intrigued that you didn't use the 3-2-1 method and that it came out so tender (scratches head) ... I can see why it was so fat free at the end, it would drip away, but I don't understand why it didn't dry out some?
Got me thinking...
I'm sure it dryed out some, but the water pan must have kept it tender. It was very lean, like I said, and it started to break under its own weight when I pulled it out.
I also smoked it with the bone side down, that probably made a difference.
As I was eating it, each bone came out clean as a whistle. It didn't take much gnawing to get every last speck of meat off the bones.
Great Job AA!

I think it's more a matter of temperature than anything as to whether the ribs are juicey. Although I am big on the apple juice spray. Love it when you can hardly get them off the smoker!
Does anyone use the vent on top to adjust the temperatures? I'm going to go back and read the GOSM guide, but it seems that the gas control is pretty touchy, hard to zone in on the right temperature. Especially for big things like turkeys, I want to be able to let it smoke all night without me having to worry about the temps.
I set my Big Block vents to the stops and adjust the temperature with my gas control. It will get fine tuned once every hour or so. I have also found the gas control a little touchy. I never worry if the temperature is only 10-15F from what is desired but will make a tiny adjustment if necessary.
Thanks oillogger. Where in La. are you at? I know someone who works for an oilfield logging service. He works on the tools that go down the wells.
I just did a 14 hour smoke in my GOSM on Saturday, an 8 lb butt along with a batch of Dutch's Wicked beans - awesome. I must be lucky with my GOSM because once I got it to temp I bet I didn't touch it more than twice the whole time. I do use the vent on top to make minor adjustments, but that is rare as well. Even after opening the door for a basting, the temp comes right back up and hovers around the 225 - 250 mark.
Hmmmmmmmm I have the Smoke Safe which is almost identical to the GOSM but once I set it I don't touch it again unless I have something at the end I want to get crispy like poultry skins.
Wow. Small world. I live in Lockport but my friend lives in Bayou Blue. We were in a band together. He worked at Computalog for a while but now works at Black Warrior.
I have a GOSM also, and I find that I have to monitor the temps about once an hour or so just to make sure it's not running to hot. If it's a windy day, probably a little more often. I dont adjust my vents, all of them are halfway open throughout the entire smoke. I think anything that uses any type of flame, be it gas or wood, will have to monitored.
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