Ribs and Fatties

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Apr 23, 2007
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Well here goes nothing! I figured that some porn was due, but first (there is always a but) Thanks for the link to the image resizer (even though I may still be loading too much) and thanks for the Fatty idea.

Here is my sad story. This site has been making me drool and crave things something terrible! I have been playing with fire on and off for most of my life. But as of late I have not had much time for anything, so seeing all of the great pics and reading about all of your adventures kind of made me make some time for the good things in life, and I say "Thank you one and all!"

Another thing, I really have come to appreiciate (SP) all of the step by step photos. It ain't easy to stop right in the middle of something, clean off the table, arrange everything for that just right shot, try to get all of the pig grease off of your hands and take a photo without dropping the camera or getting finger prints all over it.

So I went to Wally World the other day and there it was. (Actually two of them) Nice 13 and 16 lb Briskets! Homana homana homana...Dooooh! I knew that I didn't have the time needed and I really don't like freezing such things of beauty. But now that I have seen them there with my own eyes I will be paying closer attention. Actually I was looking for about a dozen turkey legs to smoke. You know, no muss, no fuss easy to brine overnight and a quick four or five hours in the smoke for a tasty, happy around the table dinner. But, no turkey legs. Give me a break, any other time they are falling out of the cooler. So... back to look at the brisket, $20 and change. But it ain't gonna fit in the trunk, shucks it aint gonna fit in the smoker either, better down size.

Ended up with two racks of ribs maybe $24 and a couple of Jimmy Dean Fatties I grew up on Bob Evens and some local stuff but JD will do.

Feel free to go straight to the pics if this seems a bit long winded.

I like simple, so I didn't do much fancy. Don't get me wrong I like fancy too, but simple is, well, simple. Usually I would just pull off the silver skin and loose fat and do a little fat triming with a knife. I am not a butcher or master chef and don't pretend to be. Well Ok, I do like cutting things and cooking things and sometimes I day dream about things, but this time I had to stay focused, so I could take some photos (No pun intended but I will leave it in anyways)

So I pulled the skin and fat, mixed a little dry rub in with some apple juice, stuffed the ribs back into the vacpac bag, poured a cup or so into the bag, chased out the air and put it in the fridge for a good nights rest. In the morning I hunted down my water pan that the kids had made off with and plugged in the smoker. I dried off the ribs and gave then a sprinkle of the rub and trimmed the ends off so they would fit in my little smoker (had to test the ends as a snack before the ribs were done so no finished pics) I have to admit that I usually cut the racks in halves or thirds for a better fit and I usually use a wire rack to stand them in but this was a photo shoot as well, so on with the ribs. A couple of fatties, one spicey and one plain.




More porn, and a shot of my little cutting board, that thing has got to be at least 20 years old. I originally cut it on a scrollsaw for my wife as a decoration about the time we got married. I have to admit it has held up better than either her or myself.

I do my meats kind of simple, some may say plain, but I am after the smoke flavor of the meat first and then I can add whatever sause afterwards at the table. I have to admit it may be because I like too many different styles to just pick one. I'll have a little sweet, a little hot and a little tangy every other bite!


As a child? What makes you think that I have out grown being a delinquent?

Lets see
Delinquent on the rent
Delinquent on the power
Delinquent on the Visa...........
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