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irish fan

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May 26, 2006
If there is anyone out there who has any rib tip tips I could sure use a few for this weekends BBQ. I am preparing about 30 pounds for a NASCAR party on Sunday. I have a great grill with a smoker box on the side,lump charcoal,and alot of beer.Any tip[s on how to keep them moist and juicy would be greatly appreciated. GO IRISH
Irish, I do my rib tips similar to the way I do my baby back ribs. I do the 2-2-1 method on my BBR. Use a good rub and mop with apple juice. I get the rib tips going using hickory for the smoke, I then wrap them with h/d aluminum foil with about 1/2 cup apple juice after two hours since the tips contain more cartilage than bone; plus this keeps the meat on the thin end from drying out. Check out the 3-2-1 posts in the Pork Forum.
I guess I'm not breaking any laws of nature by stating I love rib tips better than I love ribs.  My brothers may kick my butt for that remark since they've won best in ribs at more than a few state championships out west.  To me, the meat in the rib tip is more tender and flavorful because they aren't as lean as the rest of the ribs.  Hence, more beneficial moisture.  The price is right also. 

I went to my local market today and they had rib tips on sale for $1.69 a pound.  Couldn't pass it up and bought a package large enough to feed four.  Had I had the freezer room I would have cleaned out that section of the meat counter.

Now I'm developing my plan to smoke these critters.  I'll probably prep them with rub tonight, wrap and let them sit a good 24 hours before firing up the smoker tomorrow afternoon.  It shouldn't take long . . . 2-3 hours in the smoker. 

Any guidance is always welcome.  Thanks.
Wish I could help?

Not really.

When we cut down our ribs, we save those brisket ends for later use.

Sometimes they are better than the ribs themselves!

Good luck and good smoking.
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