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rib marinade

Discussion in 'Pork' started by nightowl, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. nightowl

    nightowl Fire Starter

    I smoked some baby backs a few weeks ago and they came out pretty good. I didn't marinade or brine them, just mopped while smoking.  I think if I would have marinaded or brined them they would have been better. Any recommendations  on a marinade or brine?

  2. ddigitalpimp

    ddigitalpimp Smoke Blower

    id try to foil them 2-2-1 with some liquid instead of a brine if they are dry.  that should keep them moist.

    what are the details of how you smoked them?  did you stay around 225?
  3. nightowl

    nightowl Fire Starter

     I put a rub on them and hickory smoked them at 225 and mopped every 30 minutes for the first couple hours then wrapped in foil and cooked for a couple more hours. They were very moist and fell off the bone and were real tasty! They just seemed like they needed a little more flavor through the meat. That was why I was thinking about a marinade. 
  4. ddigitalpimp

    ddigitalpimp Smoke Blower

    what was the mop?  i like my ribs finished with bbq sauce in the last hour of the smoke.  i like them wet and pretty heavily coated in sauce when i eat them.  sweet baby rays is a go to for me.  i always love the flavor.
  5. mballi3011

    mballi3011 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member


    Now I don't know what went wrong or did something go wrong. When you say that they could have been better ??? What did they taste like??? Or were they dry or you said that they were tender and falling off the bone. So what was wrong???? Maybe you should put some bbq sauce on them at the 30-45 minute to go mark and see if thats more to your liking.
  6. ddigitalpimp

    ddigitalpimp Smoke Blower

    thats what i was getting at with my questions.  maybe he just made a thin mop and used that instead of a nice coating of BBQ sauce at the end once or twice.