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Reverse flow plate help needed

Joined Jun 27, 2017
Hi all,

I am restoring a reverse flow pit with a joining smoking box. The pit itself is a 250 gallon propane tank.

The plate on it had been rusted through in many places and will require replacing.

What kind of tips could I get from you fine people on thickness of metal, shape of plate, pre-treating the plate, or anything that could make the reverse flow plate the best that it can be?

Thank you all.


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Joined May 2, 2017
If the reverse flow plate is in question I would use 1/4". Once replaced just rinse out any welding residue and build a fire in the firebox to dry her our. The new plate can be seasoned once dry with a light coat of Pam spray.
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Joined Feb 24, 2017
If $ is no object or you can get 1/4" for free, that is the way to go.

However, I tried something on my new build this year that has been working great.  I used castable refractory cement (the stuff that they make pizza ovens out of) on top of a sheet of 1/8" steel I got for free.  It has been working great, I get significant heat retention.  When I open the door to tend the meat it takes less than a minute to get the chamber back to temp in most cases. 

You could patch the holes and put a layer down (I have a 1.75" thick base).  My plate is around 42" x 27" wide and I used a little more than a bag and a half of the mix.  I think I paid about $35-40 per bag.  I'm not sure what the minimum thickness is but you could most likely put down a little less than a one inch pad using a single bag.

Just another idea, good luck on your restoration...


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That's great. I used regular 5000psi concrete on mine about 2" thick and the heat retention is amazing. I welded 1/2" rebar throughout before pouring to hold in place while bouncing down the road

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