Resurrection of the Dog!

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Sep 16, 2007
I purchased a Treager Texas 075 model in April of 2009. Used it frequently until about 8 years ago when the auger stopped working. I kept it on the side yard and never really paid it much attention until yesterday. I have some time off so I took it apart and fixed the auger issue. I didn’t have a bolt small enough to fit but a duplex nail worked fine lol
turns out the pin had sheered. Simple fix. And the Dog is Alive!

I did a burn in yesterday for 2 hrs on high. Cleaned it up. And today running a batch of japs and Serrano peppers. With a few abt with beef bacon, Texas sugar rub and cream cheese.
It’s good to Have Dog back in action.
I decided to call it Dog to fall in line with Big Jake. They go good together. The bacon wrap isn't my best work but will fill the hole.
I used a hitch pin when I had to repair a jammed auger on my Blazin' GridIron.
Hitch Pin

Glad you got it working again.
I was looking for one but couldn’t find it in my stash. Found it after though. Anyway if the auger breaks I will get a new one. I don’t think it should though
Nice work. I’m a little concerned about that nail. It’s pretty soft and I would guess it will sheer before long. Cheap fix though. Glad to see a neglected cooker back in service, very nice.
Good job. I've got a few projects that need some attention.
SiL has to replace the auger coupling bolt about every other usage on his pooper. He's got it down to 10 minutes.
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