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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by smokinfam, Nov 18, 2007.

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    I started with a 10.5 lb whole natural turkey with less than 5% retained water. I brined for 11 hours. I put in the GOSM smoker breast side up directly on the rack this morning at 8am and pulled out at 5pm when temperature had reached 165F. I smoked at around 225F average.
    I had family over and quizzed them on how it turned out. They liked the flavor but thought it was a bit dry [​IMG]. I thought the brining would have helped add more moisture to the meat, but maybe I did something wrong?
    I am going to be smoking another turkey next week and I would like to see if I can get more moisture into the meat. From what I have read on the forums, it is possible.
    The dryness comments were from the white meat eaters. Perhaps I should try injecting brine directly into the white meat areas? Or did I overcook it? I wouldn't think so since I based the time on the meat temperature.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Sounds like a long time for something that is basically hollow. I’ve never smoked a turkey more than 5 hours (and that was a 14 pounder)! Did you start smoking while it was still partly frozen? I think you are better off to smoke a turkey at 350°…low and slow is not the most optimum way to prepare a smoked turkey (IMHO).

    P.S. Breast side down generally makes for juicier breasts.
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    Low and slow is not necessary for tender cuts of meat, this method is for tough cuts. I usually smoke a turkey at 325-350, at this temp. you can follow the cooking times/lb listed on the turkey. Also, I think you shoud brine for 24 hours. Sure works for me. Hope this helps for your next bird.
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    I totally agree with Fritz and Upper.

    Brine it for 24 hours, then let it sit in the fridge uncovered overnight to dry out. I wouldn't inject the brine.

    Smoke it at 325-350, until the thigh is 170º and/or the breast is 160º. Should only take 2.5 to 3 hours.

    Leave the water pan empty. Be sure to line it with HD aluminum foil, because you'll want to catch the drippings and use them for gravy. Foil it tight enough so that the foil doesn't touch the pan. This will keep the drippings from getting too hot and gooey.

    I've done this on a GOSM, and the results were beautiful. Apple or cherry wood are my recommendations.

    Good luck.


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