Restored MARK TWAIN boat

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May 2, 2007
spent 2 yrs doing this, dont know if anyone is really interested in this but here goes:

brought this ugly thing home: got it for free, sat for 12 yrs in a grove of trees.

here was my first thought on the name, its a V-sonic boat but that was just too much on the side

here is her first time out on the water such a baby way back then

uncle toy,,, my cuz called me that from when she whas a baby or todler, so long ago, so i call it that,
I'm impressed chrish! Very nice indeed!

There's so much satisfaction in bringing an old relic back to life... I do that with old cars, it's a ton of fun!
Boat looks GREAT!!!

I have a genetic defect that prevents me from being able to back in or out a boat without breaking into a Torrets laiden rant.....
PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif I had to sell mine.

My wife is happier now....
got it in October and dad and i worked on it all winter and the frist run on the lake was in july, we were lucky the floor wasnt rotted out but it got a piece of plywood glassed down over the old floor, the O/B moter was rebuilt the boat was painted ($40 a pint for that paint) ended up using 3 pints of paint.
Nice work there. My dream is to find an old Chris Craft runabout (woodie) and rebuild it. I've not found one in my price range as of yet though. Also, being land locked in Colorado makes it pretty certain that I'll never get one here.

Once again, great work, and it's awesome to find a hobby like that.

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