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Apr 17, 2020
Southaven, MS
Finally us dads get the respect we deserve!

People love that place. I've always thought the chicken sandwich was overrated. The Popeye's chicken sandwich is far superior and still only $5 here.

I've only been to a Chic fil A three times I think. Once when they were bieng boycotted for topics we're not supposed to engage in here. It was amazing. Off over to the side were maybe a half dozen face-pierced blue-haired androgynous creatures with signs of boycott (like they ever ate there before)...contrast that with hundreds of patrons/supporters with a line snaking both around the restaurant AND out in to the parking lot. Took 45 minutes to get to the counter to order anything. The staff were walking the lines handing out free snacks and drinks. It was clear "We" outnumbered "Them".

Second time, dont remember what I got, but I ate-in. The food was not bad as I recall, but the service is impeccable.

Third time I just needed a quick snack. Their chicken strips are really good. But, the drive-through kind of freaks me out. They have the order takers out walking the line (and there is always a line) taking orders directly at the vehicle's window. It made the line move faster than any I've seen that busy, but having that person all up in my grill at my window triggered my old days of doing what your not supposed to do behind the wheel. It was like, "The Man" was all up in my business!

Their sauce is very good. I have a copy-cat I developed that is maybe even a touch better. Probably because of none of that factory stuff that goes in to packaged foods to preserve them
The wife and I like Chik fil A. No one does fast flood chicken better. Their whole operation is impressive, service and politeness over the top.
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The whole joke was that they arent open on Sunday. Their food is good. But not quite to the cultish following that they seem to have.

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I knew the joke and actually laughed so hard I damn near choked… that was a good one my friend! 😂

Ours that is somewhat near here is always packed and the food is actually pretty good… but I’ve only been twice… I don’t like crowds!
The ones here are packed to the T constantly. Two lane drive through too. The days I work in the office there is one right across the street. On the rare occasion I forget my lunch I’ll run over and grab a spicy chicken sandwich. Not bad at all but expensive as hell. But then again what isn’t anymore?!?
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I laughed pretty good. Wife thought it was funny, too.
We don't Chic anymore since they started selling the salad dressing in stores.
If I crave a fast food chicken I'd rather go to Zaxby's
It’s not bad, but I dont get the hype TBH. One of our adult kids loves it. I can take it or leave it. Not to start anything up, but the upper management has some “interesting” stances on political/religious grenades…from what I hear. I dont really care cuz I dont buy their food.
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They are always packed when I drive by in my area. At one time (before 2015) I was hooked on their chocolate shakes. Was getting more plump and wife mentioned it was the 700-800 calories I was getting with each shake. So…I stopped going as much and as mentioned above the newer upper mgt’s policies have me not going at all.
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Ya'll I have to confess I've found several items on their menu to be very tasty. I love the salads with chicken and those tenders & nuggets are second to none on the fast food market. Hell, I even like the chick-fil-a sauce. I know the sandwich is what started all this and my experience with the sandwich many years ago was similar to Brian's (I wasn't impressed) but I finally decided to try other items and I'm now glad I did. The meme is funny :) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.