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  1. I have read pretty much all the threads here involving what I hope to be my last mod to my CG duo w/SFB. I have tried the reverse charcoal tray deal and, while it does work OK, I don't think it's as efficient as it can be. Does anyone have a baffle/tuning plate mod plan that really worked well i.e. more even temps and greater fuel efficiency? I really would like to see a proven method that made a difference in your smoking projects. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I don't believe that baffles & tuning plates by themselves is going to help much with fuel efficiency. They do, however, solve the problem of uneven temps. For fuel efficiency, you need to look at sealing any leaks around your SFB & MC. I use loosely rolled HD foil & get pretty good results.

    I use the inverted charcoal tray as a baffle. I have not drilled holes in it as some have done. I lay the cooking grates that came with the SFB across the bottom of the MC & put the inverted tray on top of them. The curve of the tray will matchup with the curve of the SFB opening. If I butt the tray right up against the SFB opening & close it off completely, I actually get 20-25 degree higher temps on the opposite side of the MC. I have a long shaft screwdriver that I keep at my grill. I use the screwdriver to slide the tray from side to side to dial in balanced temps. By leaving a small gap on the SFB side, I can get temps within 10 degrees. This setup also gives me the option to slide the tray all the way to the left & create a hot zone on the SFB side when I want. This is good for crisping the skin on BBCs or bacon on ABTs.

    This method works for me & my CG. Of course my CG may react slightly different from yours. Your weather conditions may be vastly different from mine. So as always, YMMV.
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    These are great suggestions! You don't hang the charcoal try on it's hangers, but on the SFB grates? That sounds like a good idea.

  6. Thanks to all for your time and ideas. Olewarthog... I think I'll give your method a try before I go to cuttin' and drillin'. Sounds like a good idea.

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    Hope it works for you. I'm not saying that drilling & cutting may not be necessary. Several folks have done it & it works for them. I just found what works for me & hopefully it will work for you as well. If not, then you can always drill. Beside, I love to grill indirectly on my CG as much as I do smoke low-n-slow. I had rather do BBC, ABTs, moinks, etc using the indirect grilling method.

    YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary [​IMG]
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    One thing I ahve learned (and am still learning) is you really dont want a steep angle on your baffle. It will actually block the heat. So far i am in the works or re-engineering my baffle so it has a much smaller angle. My current one is propped up with a tin can to decrease the angle and I am getting better results. I'll post some pics of the new one when I get it installed.
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    I just invert the charcoal tray. Leave about an inch clearance at the football side.
    Temp from one end to the other is within 20 deg. This is good enough for me quick and easy. I do foil everything and replace the foil every 3rd or 4

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