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May 5, 2007
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w/out a doubt deejay debi is 1 of the best & most talented members of this site w/ a great site of her own. i just thought she deserved an honorable mention & if ya see the scales @ the top of the posts- go give mam debi kudos- cause she really rocks- can't wait to cook w/ ya someday debi- muahh. gypsy...
Thanks Gypsy I aprreciate the cudos but Jeff, Dutch, Monty, and Jeff (SoFlaQer) are the ones that deserve the cudos - I'm just trying to lend a hand were I can. I a newbie compared to those guys!

Someday - maybe the next and closer gathering we'll get to smoke together. That would be great!
everyone here is great. but we need a mam fer the clan & hunny... us boys just ain't got them parts- and i will speak fer them all & me. you are a great help, a great love of cooking, & just great in general.
I agree Gypsy, Debi is QUITE the young lady!!! I appreciate all that you offer to us Debi, God bless you. By the way Gypsy, what the hell are you doing up this time of night? I have an excuse, I broke a rib on wed nite, don't bother me none though, I'm from Montana, where men are men, and so are the women!
lmao terry- i know about those montana women... where sheep are free & men r skeered... last time there i was trucking down from snowbowl w/ 15000 lbs on a singlewide house triler frame fulla totems in a 4cy jeep keeping the driver's fender in the snow bank in a whiteout w/ logger truckers going uphill shaking their heads......but yeah - debi is our den mother & she rocks.... i can't wait to get her to 1 of our cooks... she's forgotten more than most of us will ever know & (oops tooting a horn) i been around a fire or 2....
Let's put her on the ballot for the Smokin' Queen of SMF.
This is apprecitaed Guys but that's what we do here. It's our jobs so to speak. I am only doing what my mentors Jeff, Dutch, Monty and SoFlaQer showed me by example. That's why this IS the greatest forum on the internet and why we love it so much. Without Jeff there would be no SMF, without our wonderful support staff, Dutch, Monty and SoFlaQer we'd be over run by those nasty spammer people and hacker people that live to ruin nice places like this. I am just trying to add support where I can.

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