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    I don't think it matters how you reheat it as long as you do it slow and you don't let it cook any. I've warmed enough for a sandwich up in a skillet on the stove... put a whole butt in a crock pot and let it warm up... vacuum packed and placed in boiling water. You just have to remember not to cook it anymore and take your time getting it warmed up. I've even warmed it in the Microwave to give a friend a taste test... but on a very low setting and just enough to warm it.
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    The microwave works fine for me. I place it in a bowl and add either finishing pepper sauce or BBQ sauce to it and hit high for 30-40 seconds then stir and serve... Keep in mind at one time, the meat was up to 205 degrees minimum if you smoked it for pulling. the microwave works fine.

    If I had a food sealer, I'd probably pack up individuals, add a little sauce and freeze. Then all ya have to do is heat in boiling water and you can keep em frozen until ready to use.

    I assume you are referring to already pulled pork placed in a fridge since you stated "pulled pork". If however you meant an entire shoulder or picnic, in foil, oven at 325 until center reads 140. Allow to cool then pull, shred.

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