Refrigerator Attrition

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Original poster
Jul 18, 2005
Central East Tennessee
Does anyone else have a problem with "Refrigerator Attrition"? :x

You know, you smoke something extra, like two turkey breasts, put them in the fridge to use later, but when you go back, big chunks are missing? :shock:

The FBI or DHS don't think it is important, but I think something should be done! :(

How does everyone else handle this? :D
I remember it happening all the time when I had a wife and three kids running around the house. (Unfortunately that's not the only place my wife was running!) I tried for years to curb the problem. It only grew worse when the nieghborhood kids were playng nearby. I think it has something to do with mysterious energies that are attracted to households with lots of people in them. Now that I live in a small cabin with my dog the problem seems to have stopped. But as soon as I get a visit from my spawn....well it starts up all over again! I stopped fighting it and just made sure to have plenty of good stuff on hand to appease those mysterious entities. Would not want to anger something I can't see and don't understand! :roll:
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