refrgerator as a smoker

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 18, 2007
my first post, i have a very old refregerator i am in the process of converting into a hot meat smoker, it is all metal no plastic, pretty small its perfect for what im doing, i have small holes at the bottom for air inlet and a small metal vent at the top for a damper to release smoke and control heat, i bought a small hot plate warmer and put a pan on chips on it and it smoked perfectly i left it turned on for about 45 minutes and the hottest it got was 140 degrees, i had to leave so i turned it off, wondering should i leave on longer to see if it will reach 200-225 degrees or shoud it of reached the temp after 45 miniutes,
I will look at it and post a reply, however its small I paid like $9.00 for it at walmart, thanks for helping my friend
yes there is, its a well insulated box. i had a huge thin pot on top of it, maybe the heat wasnt getting distributed so ill try again without anything on the burner.

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