Red wine Jerky marinade

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    The mix I use for about 8 lbs. jerked beef is roughly:

    8 Tbsp. Morton Tenderquick <Standard 1 tbsp/lb. meat..follow directions on bag!>
    4 Tbsp fresh cracked black pepper
    1/4 cup soy sauce- lo-sodium stuff works well for this
    3 tbsp. powdered onion
    2 tbsp. powdered garlic
    2 tbsp. cumin
    2 tbsp. ground red pepper
    4 tbsp. Worchester
    Enough red wine to dissolve the T.Q. when warmed in a pot and cover meat <couple cups, typically>

    Interesting tweaks I have tried:

    2 Tbsp. fresh ground ginger
    2 Tbsp. dry mustard.
    Half wine half wine vinegar

    T.Q. requires 24 hours to cure the meat. Keep covered in fridge.

    Get a decent red... dark is good...Merlot, cabernet, etc. and spend 5-10 on the bottle. "Don't cook with it it ya won't drink it" Not that I actually drink much wine...but that's my rule of thumb.

    ALWAYS Use a glass, plastic or stainless bowl, not aluminum for marinating/curing.

    This is a cured product, and should do well without refridgeration, but don't keep it forever in a sealed plastic bag to preserve moisture unless it's cold. I find it will mold up fairly soon <About a week> if ya do this. Vacuum pack is the cat's azz for jerky preservation. Keep for months on a shelf that way.

    Good luck, have fun and lemme know if ya like it

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