Recteq Wings experiment still ongoing

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May 24, 2016
Alabama (near Auburn)
So as I'm learning my new toy the RT1100, I've been experimenting with chicken. My latest is wings. I did low temp extreme smoke for 30 mins and then cranked it to 300 for 30 mins. I learned that if I'm going to do extreme smoke which I think is at 180 temp, then I need to either cook hotter afterwords or longer or both.

I ended up raising the temp to 400 for another 15 mins which made the overall cook about 1hr 10 or 15 mins but the skin wasn't quite crispy like I wanted but was worried if I cooked any longer, it would dry it out.

The next time I'm going to do wings, I'm still going to do extreme smoke for 30 but then I will raise to 400 and cook another 30 but I bet will end up being 45 and see where it is there.

If there is anyone that has already broke the code with wings on a pellet grill, I'm all ears.
I do my wings on the kettle, but have done them on the pellet quite successfully. I season then leave them on a rack uncovered in the fridge overnight, pretty much around 24 hours. Does wonders for drying the skin. I'd run low smoke (160) for about 30 minutes then 275 til done. Not fried crispy, but pretty darn good skin all things considered.
I forgot an important factor. I was saucing them with buffalo hot sauce every 15 mins once I turned the temp up. I’m sure that played a part too
Best I've found so far is dry the chicken/skin with paper towel, dry brine with course Kosher salt (in the refrigerator) for 6 hours or so, cook 'em hot and fast.

Sounds like you're on the right track. Keep us posted. I've had good results with the vortex method using charcoal but still working to find that magic combination in the pellet cookers.
Some folks add a bit of baking soda also. I usually season for a few hours then onto the Weber. I'd try a round at 400* and then sauce when done. Then try the low temp smoke with a high finish and see if there is much of a difference. But wait to sauce until afterwards. Chicken picks up smoke quickly and if you're adding buffalo sauce I think a crisp wing is #1. Wings are good even if they do not turn out 100% like we thought.
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I marinate them, smoke them, then toss them on the gasser for the crisp.
That’s close to what I do. Brine if I’ve got time, light dusting with cornstarch, dry in refer then light duck fat spray as binder, then season.
I start smoke (190F) for 60 minutes then crank to 375F to IT of 175F, usually ~45 minutes. The low temp start will render some of the subcutaneous fat and add some smoke flavor; the hi-temp finish crisps the skin. I then glaze and finish on a screaming hot grill (or broiler 5 minutes) for a touch of char. Sauce & serve!

ps-I’d hold off on the sauce til the end, that way the skin gets nice & crisp and the sugars in the sauce doesn’t burn. Just my $0.02
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