Really bad smoking day

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
I was reading about the storm damage in our area and discovered I was one of the lucky smokers Saturday. The following is an excerpt from a story about the storm that hit Shreveport/Bossier City;

"Bossier City resident Don Martin said it took less than 60 seconds for the twister, which hit about 11 a.m., to wreck his weekend, his roof and his yard.
"I was on my back patio and had my smoker going. You know, about the time you notice the wind is picking up and you're trying to move stuff inside, it's there," Martin said.
The storm tore a mile-long, 250-yard wide path, said National Weather Service meteorologist John Hansford said. Besides minor cuts, scrapes and bruises, no serious injuries were reported, Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale said."

This is the area that Zardnok and "Puff" live, hope everything is OK.
amen...don't know either of those guys but my prayers go out for them..... thankfully at least we all know your okay......
My girlfriend was driving home on I-220 and had that tornado form above her right before it swooped down onto Bossier. She called me up as it was happening and said she could not even see the hood of the car, much less the road and she said the car was shaking all over the place. I told her just to stop and pray. Once it got formed and swooped down, she said it cleared off pretty quickly and she came straight home to a nice stiff Bloody Mary and the TV news reports of the damage left in her wake.

It blew through pretty quickly and I fired up my small grill. I grilled a nice New York Strip, some Emirils Chicken/Apple sausage, some Earl Campbell's Hotlinks, and a fresh Redfish fillet for the GF. My GF was paranoid I was going to catch the woods on fire with the way the wind was whipping after the storm, but I assured her that as long as there was water standing in the yard it would be safe!

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